THE ONE - Itua Emmanuel [@Itua_Emmanuel]

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by Itua_Emmanuel, 1 year ago
THE ONE - Itua Emmanuel   [@Itua_Emmanuel]

Itua Emmanuel releases new single titled THE ONE.

THE ONE is inspired by the Spirit of God to help believers express our gratitude for God's Amazing Grace to justify the unjust. He alone is The One who can love, save, heal, lead, keep etc. through His unwavering faithfulness.

We are all just a product of God’s Grace.

Lyrics: THE ONE by Itua Emmanuel

I can't explain it
I can't define it
What you mean to me
I can't explain it
I can't define it
Your faithfulness

You are the One that heals me 4×

I can't explain it
I can't define it
What you mean to me
I can't explain it
I can't define it
Your amazing grace

You are the One that loves me 2×
You are the One that saves me 2×

With my heart, I will sing You are faithful
With my mouth, I'll declare You are faithful

Faithful 2x
You never change
Amazing 2x
That's who You are

Itua Emmanuel Profile

Emmanuel E. Itua is graced with several abilities to fulfill God's desire here on earth. Pastor Itua is a teacher of God's word with profound insight and simplicity. He has an unending desire to bring believers into the reality of God’s presence in devotion and sound knowledge of the word.

He is a prolific writer and author of several books. In The Flow of the Spirit, launched him as an insightful author followed by books like Drive for Faithfulness, The Power of One Thing and Holy Spirit - The Refining Fire. It is worthy of note to say that he is also the current host of “Reality Hour,” a weekend radio programme.

He is an inspired song writer with a desire to draw men to the Father for an encounter. Here comes the song 'The One' is his debut. This song will bless you richly.

Emmanuel Itua is happily married to Oyinlayefa, who has been a resourceful companion. They make their home in Owerri, south east Nigeria where he currently pastors Firstlove Assembly.

Twitter: @Itua_Emmanuel
Instagram: @emmanuel.itua1
Faceboo: @emmanuel.itua1
YouTube- Emmanuel Itua
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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