OKAKA - Obi [@obinnaorji20]

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by obinnaorji, 2 years ago
OKAKA - Obi [@obinnaorji20]

Obi drops new single titled OKAKA.

Okaka is an inspirational praise song that came after Obi was attacked by armed robbers and his vehicle snatched at gun point. Incident as such as claimed many lives, but God spared him. God shut the lions mouth against his life. All Obi can offer to God is to sing praises to Him, hence the song 'Okaka' which translates to 'THE BIGGEST'.

Obi Profile

Obinna Orji popularly known by his stage name "Obi" was born in Ogidi Anambra state on the 12th of August 1987 but hails From Ebonyi state, Nigeria. He comes from a family of 5. Obinna has been a big Blessing to the Christian family most especially his family church Assemblies of God Nigeria where he started practicing music at the age of 8 as a drummer, a young boy who knew the drum sticks will take him to greatness in life.

Obinna Orji is a member of Treasure House Word Center AKA Treasure House. The leader and Founder of the church in the person of Pastor Nathaniel Obigwe played a very vital role in Mr Obi’s musical career. He has previously released singles like Here To Worship, Agam Aturu Gi Mma Mma, Open My Eye, My Hands Up For You, Jehovah Idi Oyii, My God Every Every, Gentleman For Christ, Daluu, Lord You Are Welcome, What Can I Give You? Jehovah Ebuliwom Enu.


Lyrics: OKAKA by Obi

Orimiri ata ta orimiri atu nu,
Daddy anyi abiakwa na eliigwe
Ebubudike, anu ana agba egbe ya na ta ni
Olori ihe ye ye ye ye eh.

I will live my life to praise you,
I will live my life to worship your name eh eh eh

Okaka, Okaka eh eh, You are bigger than what people say,
Okaka eh eh eh , okaka eh eh eh ehe, ekariri ihe a si n'ibu
Ekariri ihe a si n'ibu (2×)

(Speaking in tongues)

Okaka, okaka eh eh, You are bigger than what people say
Okaka, Okaka eh eh, Ekariri ihe asi n'ibu

Okaka, Okaka, You are bigger than what people say
Okaka, Okaka eh, E kariri ihe asi n'ibu

Si, obara nkiti okwu juru n'onu ya, (oka ome),
Anu ana agba egbe ya na ta ni
Okwa ghi bu oloro ihe loro enyi, loro enyi,
Si, Orimiri Atunu bia ke ne ni o, Orimiri atata, Elshadi, Elohim, Onye eze bu Onye,bu Onye eze, Ana'm akporo ghi isi ala Na turu ghi mma mma ah,
I mana onwere onye di ka ghi,
Onwere onye dika ghi,
There is no one to compare you,
Only you are God, only you are God,
Only you, Only you, Only you,
Lord i worship you
Everybody Say,

Odogwu n'agha dike n'agha (4x)
Dike n'agha
odogwu n'agha, dike n'agha, Dike n'agha (12×)
Let there be open heaven o,
Jehova recieve all the glory,
I dont know what to say again,
Take this from me,
Its from my heart,
Ebube eliigwe (4×)
Oh lord, i love you, i worship you
Help sing (3×)
Help me sing, help me worship(2×)
Ibu dike n'agha(2×)
Anu ana gba egbe ya na ta ni, Onye we ndu m
Onye ike niile di na aka,
Arise oh lord
Let there be open heaven
Recieve this praise from me
I love you from the bottom of my heart.

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