PARTEY - BeeDee [@BeeDeeInspires]

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by gospelnaija, 9 years ago
PARTEY - BeeDee [@BeeDeeInspires]
Partey is a party banger written by BeeDee but produced and mastered by Samklef. The 2013 multiple National Gospel award (Scepters) nominee and winner Best Female Artiste 2013 - BeeDee shot this video in Lagos Nigeria at the renowned Kamp Ikare Satellite Town directed by Kaptain Kred and its making covered the by Soundcity. Lyrics: Chorus: It's another day To Partey What the Lord has done for me Me can't count ey It's another day To Partey What the Lord has done for me Me can't count ey, ey Say ey! Partey ey, say ey! Say ey! Say ey! Partey ey, say ey! Partey, ey! Verse 1 Ato farati (The Reliable One) Oluwa mi (My Lord) Olutunnu mi (My Comforter) You are my love I tell you You've been so close to me Never failed me But you uphold me Cos you love me, Papa Papa Yeh! I'm your daughter now forever Brought me from the miry clay Set my feet upon the rock to stay Enito lo sha lo le so, believe me! You've been good to me I tell you Never cheated me You saved me, kept me, That's why me partey Everyday! Verse 2 Sometimes in our lives When it looks like things aint working He that watches over Zion never sleeping Ko je gbagbe mi (He'll never forget me) He's been watching me Flying can't you see! That I am free Free to sing, relax and partey Free to call Him whenever me Feel like praising Ba mi (my Father) Alagbawi mi (my Mediator) Onitemi, Onitemi (my Special One) Onitemi yeh, Onitemi yeeeeh! Rap by Provabs Drinks are popping People rocking Some are knocking Wanna get hopping His praises we're raising up high He's smiling at us in delight, chai! No one can quench this desire Its burning in me like a fire My lips no go tire To give You the praise I go lift You higher Father You gave us your love Sent down Your Son from above, chai! My problems already dissolved The day that you hung on the cross I can jubilate, I can celebrate Cos it feels good to partey and revelate Beedee is here to set it straight Provabs is singing don't you procastinate Refrain: Partey, partey, partey ey! Provabs: Come make we revelate Come make we jubilate Come make we celebrate Make we lift Him higher Higher Higher 3x Come make we celebrate Higher Higher 3x Come make we jubilate
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