I'm In Love - David Oke (AGS) (@davidokeags)

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by gospelnaija, 9 years ago
I'm In Love - David Oke (AGS) (@davidokeags)
A new single titled "I'm in Love" from David Olayemi Oke off his upcoming album project titled "Erujeje (Awesome God). As you listen may you experience the presence of the Lord and His awesome love. Amen. FREE DOWNLOAD http://www.hulkshare.com/nks1lxlt37k0 Versatility is a rare "word- in-action" in the Christian ministries of today, any where this is lacking, there is an exceptionally multi talented man whose ministry has touched and transformed many lives through music, comedy and spoken word ministry. David Olayemi Oke also known as AGS or MC Rhema is a young Nigerian-American multi talented music minister; He's a songwriter, producer, Gospel Comedian, actor, preacher & multi-instrumentalist. He started as a drummer in his local church in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria,West Africa at the age of five. He organizes a an every four month (i.e. April, August & December) 3 hours praise & worship Experience in His presence known as LORD of lords night (Lol night) in the United States which brings together people mostly young people from every culture together to praise and worship GOD. He started singing at the age of eight. "Ability and call are two different things that should never be mixed up". When people ask him who thought him how to do all these instruments he knows how to play, he clearly states "To God be the glory, nobody thought me". When you are called by God, you have the anointing to function in that realm. He has ministered in different crusades, concerts & event including the Morris Cerullo crusade held in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. David is currently in the United States of America. He is the music minister in His local church, House Of Restoration, Georgia. He is a blessed man of God. His debut album titled "IPA (MIGHT) was released in April 2010, recorded in Nigeria which is filled with testimonies and according to him; he says "it's a divine subjection of his will and skills". His first Gospel Comedy Album Titled: "Time To Laugh (Eccl. 3:4)" was released in 2011. He is currently working on his sophomore album which is set for release later in the year 2012. LYRICS I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU Written and arranged by David Oke ©AGSMUSIC 2011 John 15: 13, Jeremiah 31:3 [Chorus] Am in love with you Jesus Lamb of God Savior of the world Am in love with you [Verse] Because of love you came to this world The raging tempest to still Humbly you came, crucified by the works of your hands You made the way for grace I can't take this for granted! [Bridge] Am in love Am in love Am in love With you Jesus
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