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2 years 5 months ago #7603 by Goodness Kap
HONOURING YOUR RELATIONSHIP - Tomi Toluhi was created by Goodness Kap

Honour is one word that people rarely associate with relationships. We understand honouring God, honouring parents, but rarely do we directly associate honour with our love relationships. Yet, honour is a stance without which a relationship cannot thrive. It’s a mental and emotional positioning that plays out in our physical actions from day to day and determines whether or not a relationship will last the distance.

It is breathtakingly easy to slide into behaviours that dishonour a relationship without realising it, principally because consciously honouring your relationship takes more effort than just letting things be as they are. Honouring takes effort. It cannot be achieved with passivity; it is an active position which you take to vigilantly defend the integrity of your relationship. An honour mind-set requires you take a stand against anything that threatens your relationship’s wellbeing.

Honour simply means you treat something with great respect and high esteem. One of the biggest mistakes people make is taking their relationship or partner for granted. This is often not a conscious decision but rather a result of unconscious actions or inactions which communicate a latent disrespect for the relationship. The tragedy is that this attitude spills over into marriage and grows until it chokes the life out of a once-vibrant relationship. I honestly believe that unconscious disregard is one of the greatest threats to the survival of any relationship.

Scripture gives an incisive illustration of how honour functions. In just two verses recorded in Matthew 13:45-46, a story unfolds of a man who comprehended the true meaning of honour.

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.”

The lesson in this parable is clear. The value you place on a thing will permanently alter your relationship to everything else that surrounds it and could compete with it. To put it another way, what you are prepared to give up for something indicates clearly how much that thing means to you. The merchant in the illustration exchanged everything else he had for the one thing he valued most; in this case, the kingdom of heaven. It is crystal clear from scripture that after your relationship with God, the relationship God prizes most is that between a husband and wife. What are you willing to give up to create the marriage of your dreams?

Honour indicates that you recognise the intrinsic value in a thing and accord it a respect commensurate to its value to you by your actions. If you consider the relationship you have found to be precious, you should treat it as such. How you conduct yourself in your relationship demonstrates how much you value that relationship and what you’re prepared to give up for it.

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