× "For this reason shall a man leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife" - Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19:5


6 years 6 months ago #2474 by gospelnaija
For those singles out there, that are still doing it right...
Follow these simple rules to reduce your chances of falling into the sin of FORNICATION.
So you are dating...normally, you have to hang out, spend time together and sometimes, be "alone-together" (just the two of you). Only a liar would tell you that you won't feel "things"... physical attraction is also VERY important. The person you wanna spend the rest of your life with MUST make you feel "things".
These rules may not be 100% foolproof...so when it seems these rules wanna fail you, you are left with the last resort...FLEE.
I remember telling my wife these things when we started dating:

1. Establish that you will not "DO IT" right from the start. Say it to each other and declare it before
God...trust me, there are days that you will have to rely on this promise made between you and
God to pull through
2. If there "things" on your partner's body that's not on yours, DON'T TOUCH
3. Avoid being "alone-together" when you are OVERLY JOYFUL or EXTREMELY SAD...inhibitions
are waaaaaaay low at these times
4. If you MUST kiss, save kisses for special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, valentine's day)... let there be a reason for it, let it be something you look forward to and keep it short.
5. Avoid being "alone-together" behind CLOSED doors
6. Set aside a time to pray... maybe weekly or bi-weekly. During the prayer meeting, always thank God for grace thus far and ask for grace to hold on till the very end. I remember doing this with my wife every Wednesday after the mid-week
service at Daystar Christian Center
7. Love the outdoors, there are places outside where you can be "alone-together"...the more you stay outdoors, the less the likelihood of making a mistake
8. If you ever find yourselves on a flat surface together...mattress, mat or what have you, follow the vertical-horizontal rule. If one of you is vertical, the other MUST be horizontal. This geometry makes it impossible and improbable
9. Use most of the time spent "alone-together" for praying or discussing important things... that's not the time to start talking about how appropriately proportioned her curves are or how luscious her lips are or how tight his abs are. Remember,
when none of these seem to work, it's time to go home...FLEE
As low as morals have sunken, it's good to know that some singles still do it right.
Look before you leap, you will not "shi-marry" in Jesus' name

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