Podcast - TALENTED BUT STRANDED - Obinna Onwusoraka [@Obeecoach]

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by admin, 5 years ago
Podcast - TALENTED BUT STRANDED - Obinna Onwusoraka  [@Obeecoach]

Motivational Speaker and Life Coach, Obinna Onwusoraka, specifically created this podcast to minister to the young budding talented youths in the society. Many are talented, as a matter of fact, every living person has at least one God-given talent while some have more than one. But why are they stranded, without direction and focus and are struggling in life?

If the Bible says, "A man's gift (talent) will make a way for him", why are talented people lost these days?

Listen to this podcast from Obeecoach as he carefully dissects the causes and features of being stranded despite one's talents and proffers a headway to seeing that talented people break free from the shackles limiting them from attaining their full potentials.

DOWNLOAD: https://my.notjustok.com/track/download/id/128515



Twitter/IG: @Obeecoach

Facebook: Obinna Onwusoraka

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