ODUN TUNTUN - Odun Ajayi [@pastorodun]

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by Odunajayi, 5 months ago
ODUN TUNTUN - Odun Ajayi  [@pastorodun]

Pastor Odun Ajayi ushers in a new season with new single titled ODUN TUNTUN (New Year).

Lyrics: ODUN TUNTUN  by Odun Ajayi

It's a privilege to see the end of the year
Eni Olorun wo l'oyo ninu ewu (Who's the Lord protect, escaped from evil)
Even in the wrong way, tick bush of the journey
Your love, Your care, Your protection I see
In the new year guide me as I move
Go before me and make me see the end.

Odun tuntun de, Baba mo wa dupe
(New year is here, Father I'm here to thank You)
Iwo nikan l'emi a gbega Oba alayo (Only you I will lift high, the King of joy)
Mu mi laja Oluwa ma dupe Baba (Make me see the end, oh Lord I will be grateful)

Ewo; Taba bere odun
Inu eni adun p'arodun tutun (See; When we start the year, we will be happy that we see new year)
B'odun ba ti nlo s'opin, a ma gbadura pe ka le la ja (When the year is running to an end, we pray to see the end)
Isu o de le ta laiye, laisi afomo o (Yam cannot grow in the land, without the survivor)
Olorun la fomo wa, je'a f'ayo l'odun ja (God is our survival, let's end the year with joy).



S'amin (Say Amen)
Odun yi atura ( This year shall be peaceful)

Amin (Amen)

Atura (It shall be peaceful)

Amin (Amen)

Okan re a bale (You shall be comfortable)

Amin (Amen)

Wa ri batise (Things will work for you)

Amin (Amen)

Gbede ni'ro koko lagbala (Cocoyam enjoy peace in the yard)

L'odun yi o ma ro e lorun (This shall be comfortable for you)

O ma tura (It shall be peaceful)

S'amin (Say amen)

Oju ki pon'sin ko ma la (Ackee's eyes never struggle without succeeding)

Tori t'Eleda l'ase (God has the authority)

Oju 'oni pon e l'odun yi (You will not suffer this year)

Ara o ni ni e (You will not experience pain)

Agan wa bi'mo ye (Barren you will hive birth alive)

Wa ri won yo (You will see them and rejoice)

Wa tun ri won gbe Jo (You will carry them)

Wa bi'mo le mo (You will have more children)

Ona ki di mo'jo ko ma la (Road never stop the dawn of the day)

Ona re a la peregede (Your ways shall be open)

O ma la peregede (It shall be successful open)

Wa r'oluranlowo (You shall see helper)

O'oro re ayo ni (Your morning will be full of joy)

Osan re ayo ni (Your noon will be full of joy)

Ale re ayo ni (Your night will be full of joy)

Ayo akun'le re (Joy will full your house)

You will shout fie joy

You will sing for joy

You will celebrate

E je a Jo s'ami o(Let’s say amen together)

Odun Ajayi Profile

Odun Ajayi is a music minister. A praise and worship leader with dynasty, God as given him privilege to minister in so many places. By the grace of God he served as assistant worship leader at Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos, Nigeria, and now worship leader at Fountain Of Life Church, Ilupeju, Lagos, Nigeria.

So many testimonies as been said by so many people on what God as done in their lives under his ministration.

He loves to put smile on peoples face through praise.
He is the visioneer of FAMILY WORSHIP ALTAR (FWA).

He is blessed with a son *GILEAD DESIRE*


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