HIDING PLACE - Kunle Ministers [@kunle_ministers]

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by Kunle Ministers, 3 months ago
HIDING PLACE - Kunle Ministers  [@kunle_ministers]

Kunle Ministers returns with new single titled HIDING PLACE.

The song Hiding Place is to testify of what the Lord did for him through his trials, and also to encourage anyone who might be going through hard times, to comfort them with the same #comfort that the Holy Spirit comforted him, that the Lord will bring them out just as He brought him out of it all.

Lyrics Video: https://youtu.be/WeuntYYxlzY

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Interview Video: https://youtu.be/if5Ln74KOak

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Lyrics: HIDING PLACE by Kunle Ministers

There were times it seemed I was all alone (No one to call, no one to care)
And when I tried to share my heart
(They didn't understand, they didn't comprehend)
Then you drew near to my heart and then I cast all my cares on you
You cared for me, yes you taught me,
Now I'm on the other side to testify

My heart is yours forever
I give you all that I am
You've made me wiser and stronger
You brought me through through it all
Now I'm here I stand in awe
You're my hiding place (Oh oh)
My hiding place (Oh oh)

Many are the troubles of a righteous man
(But you'll bring him out, out of it all)
And there are times that he falls down
(But you'll make him stand, Stand tall again)
Now I know when trials come, our love gets deeper my faith gets higher in You
'Cause I know you care for me, yes you love me,
And at the end of it all I would testify.

Healer oh oh Redeemer oh oh
Great and mighty King yea
Comforter You are

Master oh oh
Provider oh oh
Lifter of my head
Comforter You are

Comforter You are
(Comforter You are)


Inspiration Behind The Song

There was a time in my life when I was going through some hardships and trials which was also a time of tests of my character. Those times were characterised with lack in my finances. Though I knew this before, but then, that was the time when my definition of food changed to "...something you eat in order to get strength to get to back to work!" ...if you know what I mean.

One morning, on the top floor of an office space I resorted to (somewhere in Lagos Nigeria), as I just finished setting up for another day of critical and creative thinking on what to do to push my start-up business at least a step further, and then been open for anything the Lord would have me do for that day, I realised that I'm just not where I used to be, though my financial situation had not really changed, but then, I just was not where I used to be and I realised that the Lord has been my stay, He is the only thing that was constant when things were worse, at that point then, and He'll be there when things will get better and much better. He's the only One I really confide in, and He was enough, more than enough. And the song came up in my heart while I stood looking out the window of that office, "My heart is yours forever, I give you all that I am, You've made me wiser and stronger, You brought me through it all, now I'm here, I stand in awe, 'Isadi Mi' (My Hiding Place)"
He's the one who has brought me through it all, and He can do same for you, He's my Hiding Place.

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