MY PRAISE - Whitestone [@imwhitestone]

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by whitestone, 3 years ago
MY PRAISE - Whitestone [@imwhitestone]

Whitestone Obaseki premieres new music video titled MY PRAISE.

My Praise is an inspiring soul lifting worship song born out of deep intense admiration of God.
During the record session the whole atmosphere got soaked with the physical manifestation of God presence, it was so overwhelming to the point that the back up Artiste started shedding tears. The same thing happened during the video shoot asOne of the TWC Junior Choir busted into tears, everywhere the song is being played it normally moved people to worship God.
The song featured Eunice Jossy and the video featured a cameo appearance by The TWC Junior Choir.
Download this song and be a part of the experienceThe Audio and the video is produced and directed by Ben Jossy.

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