WE RISE - Akuchay [@iamakuchay]

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by IamAkuchay, 5 months ago
WE RISE - Akuchay  [@iamakuchay]

Akuchay returns with new single and music video titled WE RISE.

Stream & Download Audio: https://gospelnaija.com/music/we-rise-akuchay

Lyrics: We Rise by Akuchay

Verse 1:

When I was just a child
Mama would say you will be great
You’ll be a leader of tomorrow
You could be anything
But now I’m wiser
I ask how could this be
When my past remains my present
And my future seems so bleak
Will there ever be that freedom
Many died so I could see
Or will I then repeat the same things to my kids like they said to me


We need your grace over us oh Lord
Your grace, they’re killing us with our hands lifted high (backing vocals)
They spilled our blood in this land oh Lord
They spilled our blood in this land that you gave unto us (backing vocals)

They hold us bound when we cry oh Lord
They hold us bound when you’ve already broken the chains (backing vocals)
Do not be silent on us oh Lord
Oh Lord we pray for peace and your justice today! (backing vocals)

Verse 2:

We will not be broken
We will not be moved
We will not be shaken
By your grace we shall prevail
We are standing on your promises
That say vengeance will be yours
And for the ones we’ve lost along the way
Guide them safely home to you.

Chorus x2

We rise we rise we rise we rise
We rise we rise we rise we rise then modulation x4


Facebook: Akuchay

Twitter/Instagram: @iamakuchay



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