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EZE MO - Maureensings [@Kachireenma]

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by admin, 8 years ago
EZE MO - Maureensings [@Kachireenma]
Maureen is household-name in Imo State-east of the Niger courtesy of the support of His Excellency, Rochas Okorocha. Popularly known as the "Voice of Imo", she is the official singer of the Imo state anthem and has graced National and International gospel concerts and other social functions performing the Imo anthem, the National anthem and also leading people  into the presence of God.    Every so often an artist emerges that captures our attention, makes us sit up and take note of what pure talent and anointing looks and sounds like. Maureen Sings is truly one of those artists.  She was one of the contestants at the recent Destiny's Child Reality Gospel Show Season Two--she made the top 14 of the contestants. She's been a blessing to thousands of people around.      Contact  Follow Maureen on  Twitter @Kachireenma  Faebook.com/maureensings  Instagram @MaureenSings  08068273189  


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