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2 years 8 months ago #7594 by Goodness Kap
OVIE AND FRIENDS JOKES was created by Goodness Kap
On the eve of Christmas. Ovie and his friends where seated on a bench in the field enjoying the cool breeze oozing towards them from the trees around. The moon was brightly shone and the earth was beautiful in that moment. Ovie friends where three. They were all beaming about their achievements in 2018.

"I got a new car this year" The first friend beamed.

"I successful gained my banchelor's degree this year." The next one beamed.

"I got a 3 bedroom flat this year" The next one beamed too.

And Ovie was left to say his own. But suddenly he was silent. They turned to him, staring at him patiently to talk. But he looks like someone who is not interested in their talks. But one of the friends couldn't bear his silence anymore.

"Ovie, what did you achieve? " He asked

Ovie looked at him before replying. "I got a girlfriend I can trust this year."

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