#FindingX: Is Funke Akinokun [@FunkeAkinokun] an X? See what she did!

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by gospelnaija, 6 years ago
#FindingX: Is Funke Akinokun [@FunkeAkinokun] an X? See what she did!

It is eXigent in all things that we put God first. This eXpression is all that God demands from us, to eXhalt Him.

To launch the first episode of #FindingX, I'm eXcited to introduce someone with an eXtraordinary gift and out on an eXpository mission. I watched this video when it was first uploaded on YouTube and it's no eXaggeration if I say I was eXhilarated. 

On this show, Funke Akinokun is what we call an 'X'. What she does is eXceptionally and eXplicitly unique. A seemingly simple topic like The Names of God has been eXpounded into various tribes and tongues in Nigeria and the whole world at large. When she got to the Calabar language, I thought an eXorcism was going on...then the names of God in Chinese eXonerated the Cross Rivers people. Certainly, this is the cure for Xenophobia!

If you are still one of those wondering what an X is, now you know! No further eXplanations, it's a perfect eXample.

Are you an X or are there any X's around you? Do let us know. Contact Oyez on:

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Funke Akinokun ministering @ RCCG Congress 2013 (Day 5, Holy Ghost service, 13th December 2013. FOR BOOKINGS: Telephone: +234 8106604376 (Nigeria), +447949720510 (UK)
Twitter: @FunkeAkinokun
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