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Read: 1 Kings 13:15-19
1 Kings 13:15-19 Then he said unto him, Come home with me, and eat bread.
And he said, I may not return with thee, nor go in with thee: neither will I eat bread nor drink water with thee in this place:
For it was said to me by the word of the LORD, Thou shalt eat no bread nor drink water there, nor turn again to go by the way that thou camest.
He said unto him, I am a prophet also as thou art; and an angel spake unto me by the word of the LORD, saying, Bring him back with thee into thine house, that he may eat bread and drink water. But he lied unto him.
So he went back with him, and did eat bread in his house, and drank water.

MEMORISE: For God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints (1 Corinthians 14:33)

Everything that is against the truth of the gospel is definitely not from God. These are lies from the pit of hell, and not from God. He is not the author of confusion. He does not break one law to fulfil another. He is consistent. His 'Yes' can never mean 'No'. He is not man that he should lie (Num. 23:19). Our God is holy, and He has commanded us to be like Him. Any unrighteous thing cannot be traced to Him. He is a pure God. Whatever He says is what He does. He has no deceitful tongue.
A woman once said God told her to get herself tested with her fiancé before marriage, to ascertain the wellness of the said husband-to-be. Not minding the Word of God that stipulates that the bed must be undefiled, she went ahead to do same. There are innumerable examples of such an experience in our world today. One thing that is sure is that, whatever that contradicts God's Word, irrespective of who says it and how it is painted, is the work of the devil. God has never spoken with both sides of His mouth.
Don't forget the man of God from Judah who had refused to disobey God's despite the king's offer (1 Kgs. 13:8,9). But an old prophet who dwelt in Bethel later invited him to, come eat bread with him, to which he also insisted, 'No' (vv. 15-17). But the old prophet convinced him otherwise with a message from 'an angel'. In the real sense, 'he was lying to him' (v. 18). What a pity!
Brethren, beware! Fake prophets ara all out to deceive the saints, and their best tools are lies and twisting the Word of God. God told Adam, and by extension, Eve, not to eat from the forbidden tree, but Satan sold lie to Adam through Eve, and they fell for it (Gen. 3:1-8). The Bible admonishes us to be vigilant of the devices of the devil (cf. 2 Cor. 2:11) and store up God's Word in our heart, so that we will be able to discern Satan's lies (cf. Prov. 4:23). Let the Holy Spirit help you to separate the truth from lies (1 Jn. 4:1ff).

1. Pray that God will not allow anything He hasn't programmed for you in your life.
2. Pray that God will take away all you have gathered but are not part of His purpose and plan for you, so that they don't end up loading your life with problems.
3. God purify Your church of every work of the devil.

EXTRA READING FOR TODAY: 1 Chronicles 23 - 24 & Colossians 2

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