Daily Guide Devotion [3/6/2020]

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Committing things to God
Cast your burden on the Lord, And He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved.

Psalm 55:22 - NKJV

The releasing of our burden and care into God's hands is central to the way we live as Christians. This act of confidence in our Heavenly Father distinguishes us from those around about us who do not know God. People without God continue fretting and burdened over life while the people of God roll on the Lord what would otherwise lay heavily upon them. 1Pet.5:7.

In my morning prayer time I commit people, events, things, ideas and myself to God's care. I get the care and burden of them off my heart and into His hands where He can do something about them. While still a young Christian, I determined I would rely on God to bring about a good outcome and a good conclusion from whatever came my way. I decided I'd follow the Christian lifestyle of depositing with God everything related to my affairs. This has saved me from much distess and anxiety. When I call upon the Lord and turn over to him what is concerning me then the Lord's peace takes over in my mind and heart. His peace settles me down. I rest in Him expecting a good outcome. I come into a lightness of soul and spirit. In this blessed state, He leads me and counsels me. Phil.4:6-7.

Life is hard when you carry everything. Far better to roll things over on God so that He may sustain you. Start your day by committing to God all that would otherwise be a care and burden to you. Leave with God all that burden or care. Rest in confidence that He will sustain you and uphold you and care for you. Let God take charge of things so as to settle them and resolve them for you. Psa.37:5.

You can work without worry, knowing God works on your behalf!
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