A FUTURE AND A HOPE (2) - CAC The Living Water - Thurs 26 July 2018

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CAC Living Water Daily Devotional Guide
Thursday, July 26, 2018

Read 1 Timothy 1:12-16


For godly sorrow produces repentance leading to salvation, not to be regretted; but the sorrow of the world produces death

(2 Corinthians 7:10)
Is the screen of your mind repeatedly replaying the ghost of your past? Regret over marriage choice because your spouse disappoints or abuses trusts; regret over your divorce or broken relationships of all kinds; regret over mistakes of how you raised your kids; regret over bad career moves, missed business opportunities, poor vocational choices, not following God's call to the ministry, or become a missionary; regret over all kinds of sins, errors and their consequences. You know your own, right?
Regret by itself isn't helpful but destructive and debilitating. It allows the sins and mistakes of the past to reach out and poison our present. And if it is not handle approximately, by trying to undo the consequences of the past choices illegitimately, it will just lead to more wrong choices and more regrets, in a vicious cycle.
For example, a man realised he had married the wrong woman, so he divorced his wife and married someone else, leaving a shattered family behind. Often, he would find that the second wife isn't the " right one " either, and would continue repeating the cycle. Or a couple, the single or the engaged has sexual relations outside the marriage and the woman becomes pregnant. They try to undo what they had done through abortion, even though in their hearts they knew that what they had created together is a baby, and not just a mass of cells. And so, the abortion creates more guilt and more regrets.
Cease therefore, from trying to undo the past, most especially, through quick fixes. Get past the past, else you'll just make things worse while trying. Forgive yourself first (Lk.15:18-20a). You have a future and a hope in God, just as Saul turned Paul (1Cor.15:10). Let your godly sorrow over sins, errors and mistakes, help you to learn from your mistakes, and lead you to repentance and forgiveness, that you don't repeat them.

1. Here are my mistakes, oh God, turn them to testimonies.
2. Satan, I declare that you can do nothing with my future; I am a child of God, saved and sanctified by the blood of Jesus. So, get lost, in Jesus' name.
3. Satan, you can do nothing over the Church in the land; our Master, Jesus Christ, has assured us that you cannot comprehend the Church You have lost the battle in Jesus' name.
Job 12-13 & James 3-4

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