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​​​​​​  _It is advisable that you prayerfully and meditatively read the text first_  *WHERE ARE THE TEARS* *TEXT*: ISAIAH 22:1-14_*KEY VERSE* "Therefore said I, Look away from me; I will weep bitterly, labour not to comfort me, because of the spoiling of the daughter of my people"_. (ISAIAH 22:4) A Christian songwriter and composer once painted a very severe condition with the following line in one of the songs:"My eyes are dry, my feet is old, my heart is hard, my prayers are cold and I know how I ought to be; alive to You and dead to me." In the text, Prophet Isaiah revealed the spiritual situation of God's people in his day. The daughter of his people and indeed all his people were all spoiled and robbed of their spiritual values. The condition became so severe that their rottenness affected the leadership and the laity. I fact, some of the people resorted to fleshy debauchery while neglecting all the righteous ways of God. Their slogans became, "let us eat and drink: for tomorrow we shall die." Despite this abject spiritual environment around them, Isaiah never allowed it to affect his faith or the tenderness for weeping over their sins. He wept bitterly in intercessory prayers until revival came! Our current society and congregation need men like Isaiah. With the obvious spiritual decadence all around, we need to show more concern. Our societies are replete with professors of empty religion who worship God on Sundays and deny Him on Mondays. Worse still is the fact that there are many time-killing inventions that act as elixir to cushion the putrid spiritual situation. In effect, we seem to have lost our tears! God is depending on His people to show concern when the prevailing spiritual condition is falling short of His standard. When the chips are down, He expects cries to go up to heaven for revival.  Before we rush out today, we should quiz our spiritual thermometer. Is worldliness replacing our commitment to serve God. Are we loosing our fire and fervour for God for the feasting of the broadway? Let us check up.  *THOUGHT FOR THE DAY* In a wanton society, a broken and compassionate heart provokes revival.  *BIBLE IN ONE YEAR* 1 KINGS 19-20. *MEDITATION* Dancing at the gate of hell? *1. The situation report*a. God's own people were at the peril of devastating warfare. The impending doom was close and certain. The joyful city was on the verge of total collapse and being filled with dead men, vv1-3. *2. The sad response*a. Judah, due to blindness of sin and unbelief in the word of the prophets, coupled with inability to read the signs of the times continued in their merriment and celebrations as if nothing will happen, v13.b. Mockery of the word of the prophets coupled with a sense of hopelessness turned them to be engaged in fake joy, pleasure and merriment, vv12,13.c. This attitude, instead of solving their problems worsen their case before God from backsliding to apostasy, vv13,14. *3. The satisfying reality*a. The only attitude satisfactory to God is repentance from sin. Anything short of it makes the plight of the sinful or backslidden worse, v14.b. Mourning must preceed forgiveness. "Blessed are they that mourn for they shall receive mercy", Matthew 5:4.  *4. Sober reflection*a. If you are living in sin or backsliding, do you ever realise that the judgement of God is hanging on your head and you are at the gate of hell preparing to enter at any moment? What is your attitude? Merriment, hopelessness?Psalm7:11.b. Is your nation already not tasting the wrath of God with all the calamities hovering round? Do you mourn for the sins of the nation prayerfully or you are not concerned or you are just full of complaints and criticism? *Prayer points*Ask for God to forgive you for a nonchalant attitude towards the visible hand of judgement on this nationAsk God to give you a broken heart that will know how to cry in tears in times like thesePlease that God will show mercy and safe the nation from devastation, destructions and deathsPray for our rulers will yield themselves to the fear and control of God *HYMN* Have you counted the cost?(GHS 205)

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