DAILY DEVOTIONAL MESSAGE. Tuesday 29th June 2021.

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SPIRITUAL APPETIZER.(Ye shall know the truth : John 8v32). Message Topic :- The power to pursue - 1. Psalm 18v37.I have pursued mine enemies, and overtaken them: neither did I turn again till they were consumed. After a section of prayers with a sister, she had a dream where two short demons were flogging her as she ran along a path, she cried and cried and cried begging them to leave her alone. Relief came when she saw a police man standing at a junction, she said to him "Sir look at this small things pursuing me, pls arrest them" the police man smiled and replied "my daughter they have been arrested long ago you just turn around and face them you will see what will happen". As she turn around, the demons started running from her, she was surprised, she turn back to thank the police man but he has disappeared, and the demon gone.What a victory. Most of the time we report our problems to God, but have you ever reported your God to that problem? have you ever said to that your problem "do you know who I serve" it will surprise you what happen when you do so. You can pursue what is pursuing you, you can afflict what is afflicting you, you can oppress what is oppressing you, you can trouble what is troubling you, you can defeat your defeat, you can be a problem to your problems, you can turn the table around against your enemies, your pursuit can lead them all to death, all these are possible with God on your side, you serve a very big God. Don't be afraid, stop running, get back on track, report how big your God is to that your problem, it will surprise you that you will see the problem no more. If you continue to run they will continue to pursue you, if you are afraid of them they will continue to terrify you, but if you turn around and face them one on one they will all run for cover. The scripture above show us that it is possible for the hunter to be the hunted. David pursued his enemies till they were all consumed. Rise up now, pursue that demotion out of your life, pursue that difficulty out of your life, pursue that sickness out of your life, pursue that poverty out of your life, pursue that barrenness out of your life, pursue that mockery out of your life, pursue that debt out of your life, pursue that joblessness, pursue that shame and disgrace out of your life, pursue that demotion out of your life, etc, as you do so the powers behind them all will lose their hold upon your life and they will all run for cover. STOP running from them! Join me tomorrow as we countinue. I pray for you now, from henceforth you shall be in charge, you shall be in control, you shall dictate the space, you shall be the hunter against the wicked and not the hunted anymore, and they all shall be destroyed by fire, In Jesus Name. Prayer Points :-1. Powers pursuing after my destiny, die by fire now, In Jesus Name2. Wickedness of the wicked against my life, scatter by fire by force, In Jesus Name.3. Strange affliction in my life, die forever now, In Jesus Name.4. O Lord, make me a terror to the powers terrorising my life, In Jesus Name.5. O Lord, arise and Let all my problems be buried alive today, In Jesus Name.6. O Lord, arise and empower me to pursue my enemies to death, In Jesus Name.7. My Father, my Father, my Father, let peace reign in my life, in my family, in my country, in the body of Christ, and in the whole world, In Jesus Name. Remember life without Christ is crisis, accept Christ into your life this day, tomorrow may be too late. To repost/share this post kindly do so without altering any part thereof. I give glory unto God and I acknowledge the inspiration of my daddy in the Lord, Dr. D. K. Olukoya (GO. mfm worldwide). Section 2 day 3.21 days online deliverance program, "I shall Succeed", 24th June - 15th July 2021. Today is the last day of Section 2.Voice message to round up Section 2 and the program materials for Section 3 will be sent to all participants before night fall today. Registration is now open for 2nd batch, send a message on WhatsApp to +2348120427969 to register. Spiritual Appetizer will be 6 years on social media by 13th July 2021. The count down/program starts on 1st - 13th July 2021. If you have been blessed through the messages of Spiritual Appetizer, kindly compile your testimonies and send it to us during the count down/program. Kindly support to make the event a success. Kingdom Builders as a group will be inaugurated on the 6th anniversary of Spiritual Appetizer 13th July 2021, as Partners and Friends to support spiritually, morally and financially to take Spiritual Appetizer to great height. If you are interested to support the work of God send a message to +2348120427969 on WhatsApp. Beware of whoever is making comments on my post either on my profile on Facebook or in the groups, prophesying, or using my picture soliciting for medical help, etc, is a SCAM. I am not involved, pls be guided. Blessed Tuesday for you. Nigeria will surely survive, In Jesus Name. God bless you all.Pastor Olusola Akinnawonu.+2348068946781(Calls/sms only)+2348120427969(Calls/sms/WhatsApp).E-mail :[email protected]

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