DAILY DEVOTIONAL MESSAGE. Monday 28th June 2021.

2 months 3 weeks ago #12452 by FemiClef
SPIRITUAL APPETIZER.(Ye shall know the truth : John 8v32). Message Topic :- No more delay. Proverbs 23v18.For surely there is an end; and thine expectation shall not be cut off. The time of waiting is the time you are expecting from the Lord, after you have prayed, you have done all that needed to be done, you have fulfilled all righteousness, and you are now looking unto the Lord to have what you have prayed for. After every input there must be an output, after every exam there must be a result, after every event there must be an outcome, etc. So the period between your prayer and the answer is the period of waiting. The waiting may vary from one person to the other, the waiting to some may been too long, to some it may be very soon. The waiting period is a very hard period, this is the period that the devil comes in, to discourage some, to make some loss hope, to make some see no reason for waiting, to make some get tried of waiting, to make some go for alternative solution. The devil as well do prolong the waiting of some, the devil even stop some at the waiting period and they are never allowed to get to the point of manifestation. The manifestation is the period you have what you asked and prayed for, the time you have the outcome of what you put in place, the time you harvest what you laboured for, the time you reap the fruits of your labour, the time you have your testimonies. Have you prayed and you are waiting for results, have you asked and you are waiting for answers, have you knock and you are waiting for the door to be opened for you, have you seek and you are waiting to find? It is a thing of joy if all end well, it is a thing of joy when you have what you are looking for, but is a sad story for what one has laboured for never to get result. The time of your waiting are over, the time to get what you are waiting for, which is the manifestations is here now. According to the scripture above, the Lord is able to give you an expected end, and your waiting will never be in vain. No more delay, it shall come to manifestation now. To go pass the time of waiting :1. Hold on to God.2. Trust in the Lord.3. Live righteous.4. Run away from sin.5. Do not listen to the lies of the devil.6. Never stop praying.7. Do not loss focus.8. Fight the good fight of faith.9. Do not go for alternative solution. I pray for you right now, your time of waiting is over, no more delay, you shall have all you have been waiting for, In Jesus Name. Prayer Points :-1. My Father, do not let my waiting on you be in vain, In Jesus Name.2. Powers assigned to derail me from the path of righteousness, die by fire now, In Jesus Name.3. Powers assigned to prolong my waiting, die now by fire, In Jesus Name.4. I shall not die in waiting, In Jesus Name.5. My waiting shall produce manifestations, In Jesus Name.6. My Father, make me a candidate of uncommon testimonies, In Jesus Name.7. My Father, my Father, my Father, let peace reign in my life, in my family, in my country, in the body of Christ, and in the whole world, In Jesus Name. Remember life without Christ is crisis, accept Christ into your life this day, tomorrow may be too late. To repost/share this post kindly do so without altering any part thereof. I give glory unto God and I acknowledge the inspiration of my daddy in the Lord, Dr. D. K. Olukoya (GO. mfm worldwide). Section 2 day 2.21 days online deliverance program, "I shall Succeed", 24th June - 15th July 2021.Voice message to round up Section 1 and the program materials for Section 2 has been sent to all participants.Registration is now open for 2nd batch, send a message on WhatsApp to +2348120427969 to register. Spiritual Appetizer will be 6 years on social media by 13th July 2021. The count down/program starts on 1st - 13th July 2021. If you have been blessed through the messages of Spiritual Appetizer, kindly compile your testimonies and send it to us during the count down/program. Kindly support to make the event a success. Kingdom Builders as a group will be inaugurated on the 6th anniversary of Spiritual Appetizer 13th July 2021, as Partners and Friends to support spiritually, morally and financially to take Spiritual Appetizer to great height. If you are interested to support the work of God send a message to +2348120427969 on WhatsApp. Beware of whoever is making comments on my post either on my profile on Facebook or in the groups, prophesying, or using my picture soliciting for medical help, etc, is a SCAM. I am not involved, pls be guided. Happy Monday and Happy New Week. Nigeria will surely survive, In Jesus Name. God bless you all.Pastor Olusola Akinnawonu.+2348068946781(Calls/sms only)+2348120427969(Calls/sms/WhatsApp).E-mail :[email protected]

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