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​​​​​​  _It is advisable that you prayerfully and meditatively read the text first_  *MISERY OF DRUNKENNESS* *TEXT:* PROVERBS 23:26-35_*KEY VERSE* "Who hath woe? who hath sorrow? who hath contentions? who hath babbling? who hath wounds without cause? who hath redness of eyes? They that tarry long at the wine; they that go to seek mixed wine" (PROVERBS 23:29,30)._  Life is so stressful and many people do just about anything to escape from its effects. Unfortunately, some people find solace in alcohol. They claim that it makes them happy and enables them to relax from the pressures of life. In reality, they are only avoiding to squarely face the challenges of life. Alcohol brings woes to the drunkard. He is sorrowful and loses his sense of rationality. He becomes contentious and impossible for anyone to co-habit with. Wine makes an otherwise sensible man to begin to babble. It wounds the vital organs of his body and alters his appearance into a pathetic and frightening red-eyed monster. It begins by taking a little and soon extends to having a binge and boasting about his ability to take as many different brands of alcohol as are available. He cannot push back at the allure of an alcoholic drink that bites like a serpent and stings like an adder. Drunkenness leads him to immoral and perverse behaviour. And while the stupor lasts, he imagines himself as a man on top of the world, without any care whatsoever. People are drunk, not with alcohol only, but with pride because of the good things of life like their position, riches, fame, talents and skills. Like alcohol, pride gives a false sense of peace and happiness. It alters your personality, dulls your senses to good reasoning and makes you lose control of your faculties. More so, it renders you a spiritual and social misfit, an outcast before God. There is only one way to conquer this dragon of a habit. You should turn to Christ in repentance, receive pardon for your past indulgences and commence a new life that is free of the bondage of drunkenness - whether with alcohol or pride *THOUGHT FOR THE DAY* Whatever gives a false sense of life is deadly.  *BIBLE IN ONE YEAR* 1 KINGS 11-12. *MEDITATION* *Women, wine, woe and wisdom* *1. The attraction to women* a. A pit is a place you enter, either deliberately or accidentally, and coming out is a problem that will need the help of another person in most cases before you can come out. For some, there is never a way of escape except death. It is not a place of joy but that of incarceration, bondage, tales of woes and sorrow.*Question*Why does the Proverbs call a strange lady, seducer or harlot a pit? vv27,28.b. Consciously and unconsciously, strange women do many things which have the tendency to seduce men, v28.*Question*What are the things ladies, including men do, both godly and ungodly, which are seductive in tendencies?*Note* A person who is careless with righteous or unrighteous ladies will land in the pit of dammed conscience, spiritual death, destiny shortchange, permanent loss of precious blessing from God and at times eternally end up in hell. *Beware*. *2. The addiction to wine* Wine or alcoholism comes with a lot of health complications, internal and external wounds, disgrace and other medical issues. You can alsk check online for the negative medical effects of alcoholism, vv29-32,34,35.*Questions*a. What are the adverse effects of alcoholism as mentioned in vv29-32.b. What is the connection between alcoholism and womanising?, v33.*Note* No sinner will ever be guilty of a single sin. Sin goes inseparably in partnerships with other sins, v33. *3. The adversity and woes* Check vv29,32,34,35 to see the grave danger of fallen into any of those twin sins. Both present and eternal woes await the careless.  *4. The admonitions of wisdom* a. Your heart: Give it to the Lord and for God, v26. Let your affections be purified by the blood of Jesus. Then put in deliberate efforts to stay holy backed up by action.b. Your inner eye: Use it to observe God's ways as you read the scripture. It is not all the time you will see "thou shalt not...", v26.c. Your appetite: Kill all appetite for sin in your heart through the help of the Holy Spirit and seek not those things, v30.d. Your will: Don't sit where there is tendency to be tempted, v30.e. Your eyes: Control what it sees and what not to see. That is one of the reasons why you are given eyes, v33. *Prayer points* Lord, purify my hearts from all strange affections for women and appetite for drugsHelp me, my God, so that I will never fall into the pit of any opposite sex, no matter whoLord, give me the power and strong will never to respond to any temptation that Satan is throwing accross my waysLord I pray for mercy and deliverance for those in the church who are already inside satanic pits  *HYMN* Yield not to temptation. (GHS 6)

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