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  _It is advisable that you prayerfully and meditatively read the text first_  *SHUN BAD ADVICE* *TEXT:* 2 CHRONICLES 10:1-16_*KEY VERSE* "But he forsook the counsel which the old men gave him, and took counsel with the young men that were brought up with him, that stood before him" (2 CHRONICLES 10:8)._  Sometimes, what gets people into trouble is not what they do, but the advice they get from others. The situation is made worse if someone seeks the advice that fits his preconceived notions. This is more so for some people of influence who love flattery and sycophancy. And this was the problem of King Rehoboam, the Son of Solomon. At their first appearance before the king, the people pleaded with him to reform some policies of his father's era. Solomon had taxed the people heavily and subjected them to hard labour. The people pleaded with Rehoboam for a reprieve. Rather than respond immediately, he rescheduled the meeting. In the meantime, he asked the old counselors of his father what they thought of the people's request. They advised him that a little reprieve would make the people more subservient to him. He rejected this counsel, and turned to his peers for guidance. They advised him not to show mercy as that would be a sign of weakness and that he should announce to the people that things would be tougher under his reign. The people revolted at this and ten tribes broke away leaving Rehoboam with two tribes. Irrespective of our position in life, we should be willing to take counsel from those more knowledgeable and experienced than we are. Moreover, we should always seek God's guidance on whatever we do and for wisdom to take right decisions. We must avoid those who only tell us what we want to hear. And where there is an impending prophecy of God's judgment, the Lord will show mercy and cancel it if we change our ways. *THOUGHT FOR THE DAY* There is safety and security in wise counsel.  *BIBLE IN ONE YEAR* 1 KINGS 9-10. *MEDITATION* *When your wisdom is actually foolishness* *1. A foolish heart*a. A very important response or decison that will affect the generation (unborn) of Rehoboam was to be taken, vv3,4.b. The right first step was to pray and know the mind of God, but he didn't. Maybe he never knew how to pray.b. The second next step should be a reflection on the word of God which his successful father spent his life reading and following. He had access to the Pentateuch and the Psalms, but he did not. Maybe he has never been mindful of the word of God.c. The next thing he could honestly fall into is common sense, but he did not use it at the age of 41!d. There were true prophets who could hear the voice of God even if he could not, that was never an option to him, 11:2,3.e. Anyone who behaves like Rehoboam is having a foolish heart and will be deceived by folly *Question*Are you free from the manifestations of a foolish heart? *2. A faltering heart*a. The request by Israel, his supposed subjects and fellow citizens, was to make life better for them and do better than the previous administration as condition for supporting his kingship, v4.b. Since they did not ask him how he will do it, did he need a consultation before answering them favourably so as to get the support for his kingship? At 41! If a fool at 40 is a fool forever, what about a fool at 41c. The advise from the elders need no special wisdom to know that it was the best advise, yet he ignored it as many faltering hearts do, vv7,8.d. He yielded to peer influence which was void of anything called wisdom Beware of negative peer influence. Beware of influences from models, "idols", celebs that are not after godliness! *3. A failed heart*a. Are you surprised that he lost 10 kingdoms? Even if God gave him, it is clear he did not have the wisdom to govern all of them, vv16,17.b. His case was the case of an avoidable failure if he has allowed true wisdom to prevail. c. His obvious senseless and foolish decison can be called manipulation which he fell into because of past unrepented sins of his father Solomon, v15. *Prayer points*Pray for God to teach you how to be hearing from Him and His word directly and personallyPray that God will give you a discerning heart that will never be a prey of wrong advisers Ask God to purge you of all forms of foolishness in the heart through His word and by His Spirit Pray for our youths that they will not be prey of manipulations by peers, satan and their own minds in important decisions  *HYMN* Guide me of Great Jehovah. (GHS 165)

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