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  _It is advisable that you prayerfully and meditatively read the text first_  *FAITHFULNESS, PLEASE!* *TEXT:* 1 CHRONICLES 9:14-22_*KEY VERSE* "And Phinehas the son of Eleazar was the ruler over them in time past, and the LORD was with him" (1 CHRONICLES 9:20)._  Some people came to this life unsung, unknown and without any impact in the kingdom of God. Many struggle so much to have their names in the book of "Who is Who" in the world while others want to be renowned in the fields of sports, science, literature and poetry, technology, politics, and social media. All these will pass with time. Christians should strive more to ensure that their names are in God's record. The writer of the book of Chronicles listed some notable people as officials in the house of God. God recognises everything we do for Him whether great or small. He recognised His servants in the city and the ones that dwelt in the villages. There is no place, no matter how remote to man, that is hidden from God. He recognised even the 'porters' and the gate keepers! God also acknowledged the 'rulers'. He acknowledges and rewards only faithfulness in service (Matthew 25:21). The Lord was with Phinehas because of his faithfulness and zeal. Finally, the Chronicler noted that even occupiers of the office of porters in the villages waited in their numbers as ordained by their successive leaders - Samuel and later, David. All believers today are called to God's service. Whatever we are called upon to do, we should do it heartily, knowing that God is the rewarder of our service. Even if what we are called to do is insignificant from the human perspective, God's balances are different from men's and He is the rewarder. Therefore, in our diligence, we should remain in His service, since we serve God and not man. Are we mindful of serving God and ensuring that our names are in His book? Are we faithful in service? Let us learn the more excellent way; consistent faithfulness is all He wants. *THOUGHT FOR THE DAY* It's not how big but how well  *BIBLE IN ONE YEAR* 2 SAMUEL 13-14. *MEDITATION*  Phinehas: A passionate and active contender for the faith *1. Phinehas and special divine recognition*a. Phinehas' name supposed not to be mentioned in v20 as could seen that his period of priesthood was not at the same time of other names that were listed. He belonged to "in time past".b. The Holy Spirit and the human writer of the Chronicles decided to give him a special recognition not given to others in his age.c. A look at the reason why is instructive as to the kind of person heaven gives special recognition. Be one of them. *2. Phinehas and his passionate zeal for the glory of God*a. Israel yielded to the sexual seduction and idol worship of the Midianites to the hot displeasure of God followed by pronouncements of deadly judgements on Israel, Numbers 25:1-5.b. Phinehas pacified God by giving instant judgement of death on a nonchalant sinning Israelite and his seducer, Number 25:6-9.c. Phinehas did not show any partiality even though the sinner was the son of a ruler in Israel and God's anger was greatly pacified, Numbers 25:11,12,14.d. The blessing of generational covenant given to him is an indication of how God is glorified and delighted when someone is passionately active and committed to contending for the faith inspite of the oppositions that may follow.d. It is a command of the scriptures that Christians are not only to propagate the faith but must passionately contend for its preservation, Jude 3. *Q* Do you have deep seated convictions about the Christian doctrines? Do you propagate them? Do you contend for its preservation against all heresies and misinterpretations? *Prayer points* Ask God for forgiveness if you have been nonchalant about contending for the faith against all errorsAsk God, as you study more of His word, to deepen your convictions about the doctrines of the Christian faithPray for grace for your church to hold on tenaciously to the truth of the scriptures in this modern agePray for restoration of ministers of the gospel who have lost their convictions on some basic doctrines of the Bible *HYMN* Faith of our Father. (GHS 78)

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