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 Confession :-Psalm 91. All that is in your life now that has taken over your entire being and is using your body as an habitation to cause you pain, anguish, discomfort, that make you spend your money on drugs, that make you to go in and out of the hospital always, that has subjected you to singing songs of sorrow, that make mockery of your prayers, that make you withdraw to yourself, this day as the Lord lives and His spirit is alive, by fire by thunder, by the power of the Holy Ghost, it shall be rooted out of your life, you shall have your peace and live in comfort again, every scheme of the devil to take you away from the presence of the Lord, to take you away from where the Lord has placed you, to take you away from the place you have your daily bread, to take you away from light and throw you into darkness shall be frustrated, what you enjoy now shall not turn around to be a problem to you, what you cherish so much shall not turn around to make you cry, what gives you so much joy shall not turn around to make you sorrow, every investment of satan in your life shall catch fire now and burn to ashes, what surround you that is making life difficult for you unknown to you shall be taken away, what you have at hand now that is killing you little by little unknown to you shall be disgraced out of your life, whatever is in the hand of your enemies as a weapon which they used to attack you shall turn around to be the source of their own destruction, you shall not die another man's death, you shall not cry another man's cry, you shall not carry another man's evil load, the evil arrow meant for another man will never locate you, the trap set to catch another man shall not catch you, evil meant for another man shall never come near you, as many that has vowed to make life miserable for you this day shall all be made to pay with their lives by the power of the Holy Ghost, the Lord shall make you have sweat less breakthroughs this day, In Jesus Name. 9 days online deliverance program, In diaspora.Voice message to round up the program, to seal the prayers prayed, for Pastoral blessings on oil/requests and documents, general instructions on how to use the oil has been sent to all who participated on WhatsApp. For those living abroad, for those living outside their country, that needs breakthrough, for those who are having difficulties with their papers, for those who want to travel abroad but refused visa, for those who want to intercede for their loved ones who are not doing well abroad. You can still participate, send a message on WhatsApp to +2348120427969 to indicate your interest and register. For those that still want to partake in the 21 days online vigil program having missed the 1st and 2nd batch, kindly indicate your interest on WhatsApp (+2348120427969), the program materials will be sent to you. You can still participate in the 14 day online deliverance programme, "Parents pray for your children and pray for yourself", send a message to +2348120427969 on WhatsApp to register. Those looking unto God for the fruits of the womb can joined as well, list the number/names of the children you want God to bless you with and present it during the program. Singles can join as well, write down on a sheet of paper, the date you want to get married/number and names of the children you want God to bless you with and present it during the program as a point of contact. Those looking for the fruits of the womb and the singles are praying same prayers with the parents, it is your faith that will make your own miracles to manifest. Beware of whoever is making comments on my post either on my profile on Facebook or in the groups, prophesying, or using my picture soliciting for medical help, etc, is a SCAM. I am not involved, pls be guided. Happy Thursday. Welcome to June, your month of divine visitation (Luke 1v26-38). Happy New Month. God bless you all.Pastor Olusola Akinnawonu.+2348068946781(Calls/sms only)+2348120427969(Calls/sms/WhatsApp).E-mail :[email protected]

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