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  _It is advisable that you prayerfully and meditatively read the text first_  *TRANSIENT LIFE* *TEXT:* JOB 14:14-22_*KEY VERSE* "For now thou numberest my steps: dost thou not watch over my sin?" (JOB 14:16)._  A lot of people spend their life as if it would not be accounted for. There are a number of things that should be noted about life. Life could be very good or very unpleasant, sweet or bitter, joyful or full of challenges, filled with opportunities or deprivations and so on. However, life is brief, momentous and transient. Life itself is a loan or an investment that we have to pay back or account for. In the passage under consideration, Job mused, "if a man die, shall he live again?" Pondering over afterlife is the most important thing in life; and living our life in the light of eternity is the wisest decision ever. Job decided to stand up to the challenge of life and the way he chose to do that was to respond to God's call and yield to His entreaties. His reasoning was premised on very rational grounds: God watches over every man's acts, all iniquities are in God's records. Many forget God or treat Him as minor in their life whilst in riches and pleasures in this world. 'God first' should be the daily thought of every believer. Life is short and limited. God is going to judge every man's act. The judgment is not going to be on our earthly acquisitions or deprivations but on our relationship with God who loaned our life to us. What then should be our mindset? Like Job, we should desire a heart-change and respond to God's call; sinners should genuinely repent and believers should press to a mark of a higher calling in the Lord. Only what is done with God and for God will last. Do not live only for now; live for the future, live in the light of eternity. *THOUGHT FOR THE DAY* Who are you spending your life for? God or self?  *BIBLE IN ONE YEAR* 2 SAMUEL 11-12. Reflective thoughts of the wise *1. Life after death?*a. The wise thinks about life after death and put that into focus in all their actions, v14.*Q* Apart from Job, who were other rightous people before the Law and after the Law in the OT who pondered about life after death? eg see Psalms 15:1,24:3.*Note* Wise people are those who reflect about their lives after death and factor that in all their actions. Are you wise?b. God will make sure that the righteous fulfil the numbers of days appointed for them on earth before they die and get resurrected onto life eternal, v14.*Q* Job was without a Bible and preachers but yet he got this theology right, Exodus 23:25, 26, Psalms 91:16.c. The other passages above confirm that Job's confidence was based on divine revelation and must be true*Q* Look out in Exodus 23:25,26 and Psalm 91 for the conditions attached to the longevity of the righteous. Are you fulfilling the conditions? A covenant broken by any of the party to a covenant renders the covenant null and void.d. After death, what happens to your children becomes unimportant and irrelevant to you. Don't allow any worldly care to send you to hell or untimely death *2. Life before death*a. There is provision for receiving divine help on the condition you cultivate the habit of calling upon God, v14.*Q* Do you have this habit?b. Every step of a living man is under divine watch and recording against the day of reckoning, v16.*Q* Do you actually believe this? How has this affected your daily walk with God?c. Committed transgressions are never forgotten except when it is forgiven by God through the blood of Jesus, v17.d. At times God destroys the "hope of man" so that man will remember God and put their confidence in God alone in preparation for eternity, vv18-20.*Q* Do you have some of the things you have confidence in crumbling before your eyes? It may be the love of God calling your attention to prepare for eternity *Prayer points*Lord, give me a heart of wisdom that will always put eternity into focusKeep me away from what will break the covenant of longevity you give the righteous Help me to always be sensitive to your voice of correction in preparation for eternity at every timeLet true wisdom that prepares for eternity be given to all the brethren so that death will meet non unprepared *HYMN* The end of the road

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