DAILY DEVOTIONAL MESSAGE. Tuesday 8th June 2021.

4 months 1 week ago #12255 by FemiClef
SPIRITUAL APPETIZER.(Ye shall know the truth : John 8v32). Message Topic :- The prayer of the devil is for you to go astray - 1. Psalm 119v67.Before I was afflicted I went astray: but now have I kept thy word. The Psalmist realised that something happened that led to his affliction, which is clearly stated in the scripture above, he went astray, he left the right way, he took a step outside the cover of the Lord, by this the devil was able to deal with him, hence the affliction. Beloved, the devil has no cause to attack you in any way by the way you are created, if you are in the Lord and you are washed in the precious Blood of Jesus Christ, you are protected and secured, the only option open to the devil who is desperately looking for a way to attack you is to find an occasion against you as a legal ground for his attack. He did this kind against Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden and he succeeded in making them to go astray. The devil will want to push you against God, create enemity between you and your maker, make you to do things that God hate, make you to step out of the cover of the Lord so as to carry out his attack. He will look for loop holes or he will create one, use you to open doors for him in your live to attack you. Attack of the devil is always preceded by a step taken in the wrong direction, that is when you go astray. Check your life very well, look back at what you have done, watch very well what goes wrong in your life. The problem that is in your life now may be as a result of what has happened in time past which the devil used as a step or door way to enter into your life. Without a door there can never be an access. Have you gone astray, you need to trace your steps back to Christ now as David did. Confess your sins, take a turn around from whatever you might have in your hands that is evil. I pray for you right now, every door you have opened for the devil in your life unknown unto you shall be closed by fire, In Jesus Name. Join me as we continue tomorrow. Prayer Points :-1. Whatever is in my life right now that is giving the devil upper hands to afflict me, catch fire, In Jesus Name.2. I retrieve back every legal grand I have given to the devil in my life, In Jesus Name.3. Properties of the devil in my life, catch fire and burn to ashes now, In Jesus Name.4. Loop holes in my life through which the wicked enters to attack me, be sealed up by the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, In Jesus Name.5. Holy Spirit, caution me whenever am about taking any wrong step in life, In Jesus Name.6. My Father, if I have gone astray, return me to the right track, In Jesus Name.7. My Father, my Father, my Father, let peace reign in my life, in my family, in my country, in the body of Christ, and in the whole world, In Jesus Name. Remember life without Christ is crisis, accept Christ into your life this day, tomorrow may be too late. To repost/share this post kindly do so without altering any part thereof. I give glory unto God and I acknowledge the inspiration of my daddy in the Lord, Dr. D. K. Olukoya (GO. mfm worldwide). Section 3 day 2.In diaspora, 9 days online deliverance program, 1st June - 9th June 2021. For those living abroad, for those living outside their country, that needs breakthrough, for those who are having difficulties with their papers, for those who want to travel abroad but refused visa, for those who want to intercede for their loved ones who are not doing well abroad. You can still participate, send a message on WhatsApp to +2348120427969 to indicate your interest and register. For those that still want to partake in the 21 days online vigil program having missed the registration for 1st and 2nd batch, kindly indicate your interest on WhatsApp (+2348120427969), the program materials will be sent to you. You can still participate in the 14 days online deliverance program, "Parents pray for your children and pray for yourself", send a message to +2348120427969 on WhatsApp to register. Those looking unto God for the fruits of the womb can join as well, list the number/names of children you want God to bless you with and present it during the program. Singles can join as well, write on a sheet of paper the date you want to get married/number uand names of the children you want God to bless you with and present it during the program as a point of contact. Those looking for the fruits of the womb and the singles and praying same prayers with the parents, it is your faith that will make your own miracles to manifest. Beware of whoever is making comments on my post either on my profile on Facebook or in the groups, prophesying, or using my picture soliciting for medical help, etc, is a SCAM. I am not involved, pls be guided. Happy Tuesday. Welcome to June, your month of divine visitation (Luke 1v26-38). Happy New Month. God bless you all.Pastor Olusola Akinnawonu.+2348068946781(Calls/sms only)+2348120427969(Calls/sms/WhatsApp).E-mail :[email protected]

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