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  _It is advisable that you prayerfully and meditatively read the text first_  *GOD'S OMNIPOTENCE* *TEXT:* 1 SAMUEL 2:1-11._*KEY VERSE* "The LORD killeth, and maketh alive: he bringeth down to the grave, and bringeth up" (1 SAMUEL 2:6)._  To set one's hope on a source that turns out to be false is a most harrowing experience in life. No doubt, disappointment, failure, depression, frustration and even death result from trusting a source that is not the Ultimate Power. Challenges of life have driven many to rely on man, money, powers of darkness, self and other forces. The passage today centres on the eye-opening prayer of praise by Hannah declaring the eternal truth about God. She started by extolling God's holiness virtue and confirming that He is the only confirmed Rock. Hannah had been a beneficiary of God's omnipotent power as she received a male child, Samuel, at an old age after praying to the Lord. By experience, therefore, she declared the Lord God as the Source of genuine joy, the Giver of victory over the enemies, the Owner of salvation, the incomparable Rock, the ultimate Source of life and living, the Determiner of richness over austerity, the Sustainer of the saint and the Silencer of the wicked, the triumphant Lord over all adversaries and Lifter-up of all that trust in Him. How then does one tap into God's omnipotent power? How does one benefit from this ultimate Source of power? Hannah knew God as the only solution to all of life's problems. She had strong faith in the ability and willingness of God to hear and answer His children. She, therefore, prayed earnestly and fervently to Him, without wavering or doubting. She made a pledge to give the product of her prayer back to God, to serve Him. The lessons here are invaluable. God only is the Source of the ultimate and unlimited power. Trusting in Him only is the duty of all believers. He is the only one that gives freely. *THOUGHT FOR THE DAY* Trust God to do the impossible. *BIBLE IN ONE YEAR* 2 SAMUEL 6-7. *MEDITATION* The Acts of God *1. The attributes of God*a. Incomparable to any in holiness and dependability, v3.b. The omniscient God that actively and constantly evaluates and judges the actions, motives and thoughts of all, v3.c. Unquestionable as the final determinant of the fate and destiny of all, vv6,7.d. He is the divine Leveler that elevates or humiliates according to His will, vv7,8.*Question* What other attributes of God can you see in the text?Ponder on those attributes and reflects on how it applies to you *2. The actions of God*a. He wastes the weapons of adversaries and give strength to the weak, v4.b. He keeps the saints from falling, v9.c. His adversaries, and of course the adversaries of the saints, will always end up as the looser and defeated, v10.*Questions* What are the other actions of God in vv6,7,8?Which of those do you want Him to manifest in your life and experience? *3. The admonitions for our good*a. Rejoice in the Lord and His deliverance with your whole heart, v1.b. Avoid arrogant and proud tongue, v3.c. Give adoration to God for His attributes, v2. *Prayer points*Give adoration to God for being an incomparable God.Ask God that He will be magnified more and more in your inner man and every area of your lifeSubmit your heart to God and promise Him that you will be walking humbly before Him alwaysPray that we will see more of His supernatural actions among the brethren and in this nation *HYMN* Holy, Holy, Holy. (GHS 11)

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