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  *UNDENIABLE SUPPLICATION* *TEXT:* PSALMS 119:145-152._*KEY VERSE* "Hear my voice according unto thy lovingkindness: O LORD, quicken me according to thy judgment" (PSALMS 119:149)._  Prayer is one of the most potent means by which saints or sinners can have access to God and receive His attention. Sinners can receive pardon for their soul through prayer of penitence. Believers need fervent and continuous prayer to remain in the faith and to progress in life. The psalmist in our passage is an importunate, fervent supplicant that would not let go until his request received God's attention and answer. There are certain elements in his method of praying that are worthy of note by anyone who desires to have his or her prayers answered. The prayer is with full readiness to obey all the statutes and commandments of God, not choosing only the convenient ones. He desires God's salvation above all other things. Prayer indeed has great powers to change situations and circumstances. The weary will find rest only through prayers. Prayer will move our mountains and fill our valleys, turn sorrow to joy, failure to success, replace sickness with sound health, destroy yokes and oppression, deliver from the most ferocious enemy, guarantee breakthrough and bright future and secure for us a place in heaven. However, prayer alone is not enough. Obedience to the word of God is required to complete the weapon for daily victory. Prayer should be offered at all times. It is an essential companion of a heaven-bound pilgrim. Although prayer is very essential, it is not all prayers that receive God's attention. Prayers offered in sin without repentance; offered contrary to God's words; offered without fervency and faith will all be exercise in futility. *THOUGHT FOR THE DAY* A man of fervent prayer lives a daily life of victory.  *BIBLE IN ONE YEAR* GALATIANS 4-6. *MEDITATION* Prayer gems *1. Principle in prayers*"With my whole heart" and not half heartedly, v145.*2. Purpose in prayers*For salvation or deliverance from self, sin, Satan, sicknesses etc of your self or others, v146.*3. Promises in prayers*"I will keep Thy statutes", I will keep Thy testimonies", vv145,146.*4. Priority of prayers*At critical times: before the dawn in the morning and during night watches when sleep is most enjoyable, vv147,148.*5. Praise in prayer*"Thou art near O Lord, and all Thy commandments are truth", vv151,152.*6. Pushers to prayers*Enemies and lawless people, v150.*Q* What other gems of prayers can you see in the text? *HYMN* Sweet hours of prayers. (GHS 170)

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