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​​​​​​  _It is advisable that you prayerfully and meditatively read the text first_  *KNOWING THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES* *TEXT:* LUKE 19:41-48_*KEY VERSE* "And when he was come near, he beheld the city, and wept over it, Saying, If thou hadst known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! but now they are hid from thine eyes" (LUKE 19:41,42)._  From the text, Jesus Christ saw the spiritual state of Jerusalem and wept over it. The city was busy with empty religious services and commerce when actually there was an imminent and impending doom hanging over her and her citizens. Whilst they were more interested in buying and selling in the magnificently built temple, they were ominously blinded and failed to recognise their time of visitation. They rejected Christ.  Men, like flowers in the morning, blossom and bloom with life's fragrance. Then comes sunset; everything that glitters becomes gloomy. The hood of ignorance hanging over humanity usually makes it impossible for anyone to know just exactly what is coming next and how it is coming. But God does not only know every beginning, He also knows every ending. He is aware of everyone's last moments and minutes. He is aware of a thousand years from today. This sober truth should bring us closer to God who knows all things and holds all things together. We must live and prepare for the imminent; having repented of our sins and reconciled with our Maker. This is in effect the very thrust and central theme of the gospel of Christ which must be urgently preached to all without compromise. How helpful would it be, if the saving truth is told to a man who would have perished the next moment even without knowing it. That man may enjoy the grace like the thief on the Cross who died by the side of the Saviour. When we are familiar with the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are empowered with the knowledge of the signs of the times. In their day, the children of Israel were bereft of the hidden treasure of the gospel. Thus, they lacked knowledge of the signs of the day. Present-day believers should avoid such fatal ignorance. *THOUGHT FOR THE DAY* Live every moment with eternity in view!  *BIBLE IN ONE YEAR* GALATIANS 1-3. *MEDITATION* Danger of congregational blindness *1. The spiritual blindness of congregation*  a. Israel was called a congregation or the church in the wilderness in the Old Testament, Acts 7:38.b. Can a whole church be in spiritual blindness? Jesus said Yes! In fact, He wept over their spiritual blindness, vv41,42.*2. The symptoms of blindness of a church*a. Few spiritual people who have the mind of Christ are secretly being burdened with tears or concern about the state of that church, congregation, community or family while other feel comfortable, v41.b. Inability to perceive the direct message of God as to what His moral burden for them at a particular time, v42.c. Ignorance of what the Spirit is speaking to the Church as to what to do, v42. This is often compensated with oratory and messages that lack real heavenward content.d. Insensitivity to the impending doom and danger observable from developments and signs of the times, vv42,44.e. Inability to see far ahead as to the future consequences of present spiritual lukewarmness on the younger generation and emphasis on material blessings, vv43,44.f. The presence of Jesus is only appreciated if it boosts their commercial activities, v45.g. The house of God has imperceptibly turned to a business centre, vv45,46.h. Lack of revelation of the plan and purpose of Christ, as prophesied in the Bible, which eventually result into practice of empty and lifeless religion, vv46,47.h. Hatred and rejection of preachers of holiness and judgement of sin as not modern, v47.*Q* What other symptoms can you observe in the text that show a congregation is in a spiritual state of blindness?*Q* Is there any of these symptoms in your church or family?*Q* When did you hear the Lord speaking to you directly and personally about your present spiritual status?*3. The sad and bitter end of the blind church*About 35 years after, the avoidable doom came as prophesied by Christ. General Titus of the Roman empire invaded Jerusalem, levelled the city into rubles, massacred the majority and sent the rest into captivity in different countries. This dispersion lasted till 1948 when the Jews formed a nation again and returned to their land. That is how we have Russian Jews, American Jews, Ethiopian Falashas etc. Their ownership of Jerusalem is still a subject of conflict and will continue to be till the final war of Armageddon.*Note* Unaddressed spiritual blindness of any church or member will eternally result into regretful ruinsIf you are under the cover of a blinded church, you will be part of the sufferings that will follow. *Prayer points*Lord, have mercy on me and deliver me from every form of spiritual blindness I ask for divine conviction that will expose every cause of blindness from my lifeLord, visit my church afresh and wake us from spiritual slumberLord, let your light shine on every form of blindness in the Church and help us all to be walking in the light *HYMN* Lord, speak to me. (GHS 61)

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