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  _It is advisable that you prayerfully and meditatively read the text first_  *FAILURE OF THE ARM OF FLESH* *TEXT:* 2 CHRONICLES 16:1-14 _*KEY VERSE* "And at that time Hanani the seer came to Asa king of Judah, and said unto him, Because thou hast relied on the king of Syria, and not relied on the LORD thy God, therefore is the host of the king of Syria escaped out of thine hand" (2 CHRONICLES 16:7)._  After World War I, France built a line of concrete fortifications, obstacles and weapon installations named Maginot Line between itself and Germany. This was done to forestall German invasion as World War II approached. The line was thought to be a work of genius and regarded as impregnable. But when the chips were down, the so-called military might of the Maginot Line became useless because Hitler's men enmployed a different strategy that enabled them penetrate France from another source. Asa started as one of the most remarkable reformers that restored the true worship of God in Judah. He purified Jerusalem by sacking those who indulged in idolatry and perversion and did not spare his own idolatrous mother. The Lord, in turn, gave him and his land rest and prosperity. Unfortunately in his later years, his reliance on and commitment to God waned. This showed in his rash decision to engage the heathen king Benhadad of Syria against Baasha, king of Israel who was building Ramah to prevent his subjects from any dealings with the Jews. This eventually became his undoing. He was rebuked by Hanani, the seer, and instead of repenting of this unholy alliance, he committed the seer into prison. He got "diseased in his feet, until his disease was exceeding great: yet in his disease he sought not to the LORD, but to the physicians". He died in that state. If your commitment to the Lord is weak or fickle, understand that this is a dangerous position because He is the source of our strength. lf you are enjoying a buoyant relationship with God at the moment, strengthen your grip on your commitment to Him and do not get carried away by attainments or achievements. *THOUGHT FOR THE DAY* The path of self-sufficiency is a downhill road.  *BIBLE IN ONE YEAR* 2 CORINTHIANS 5-9. *MEDITATION* When challenges threatens *1. Isolation from believing christians*a. The enemy's strategy in warfare was to isolate Judah from any source of help, v1b. The enemies first warfare strategy is to isolate you from believers, the brethren and the Bible that will really help you out of your challenges. The enemy will make those divine helpersappear as your problems. Beware!!*2. Intimidation of the cowards*a. Judah was intimidated as a result of the supposed might of Israel. This fear and intimidation determined her next wrong step, vv2,3.b. Intimidation and fear that make you loose your cool and faith is another deadly weapon of Satan. The purpose is to rush you into a decision that is senseless and unsaintly. *Q* In view of the past victories God had given them over fiercer enemies like Ethiopia, did Asa had any excuse for being intimidated as a spiritual person?, v8.c. Rather than allowing intimidation and fear, recall the great deliverance of God, His word, and those He has given you in the past, v8.d. As a spiritual person, know that every challenge has a spiritual undertone and therefore you must attack it with spiritual weapons, v9.e. Don't forget a covenant name of Jehovah called _Jehovah-shammah_. It means "the Lord is there". He is ever present in all your troubles, v9.f. What is the power of God meant for if not to show His might on behalf of those who trust Him, v9.g. *Check up* Isaiah 41:13, 14;43:5;44:8 where He repeatedly said "Fear not". Never forget His promises in times of threatening challenges.*3. Ingratitude of the compromisers*a. Asa demonstrated ingratitude to God at this time of threats of the enemy and paid dearly for it. He used sacred things in the house of God to pay off His supposed helper and he lost many precious things, vv2,3,9b.b. Crisis time is a time your consecration and devotion to God are under fire. Unlike Asa, make sure you pass the test no matter what.*4. Invitation to chaos and curses*a. King Asa's unfaithfulness and compromise during crisis invited unceasing wars, hardness of heart, terminal disease and untimely death into his life and kingdom, vv9b,10,12,13.b. Compromise and unfaithfulness in times of crisis are never options. Costly, and atimes, eternal losses become companions of the compromisers.  *Prayer points*Promise God that you will never allow challenges and crisis to throw you into compromise and unfaithfulness to the LordAsk for faith, patience and courage to always put Satan to shame and turn challenges to testimoniesCall upon God in any challenge that may be threatening your soulCommand the spirit of fear to depart from all the brethren and command the spirit of sound mind and faith to possess them *HYMN* I have decided to follow Jesus. (GHS 77)

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