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  _It is advisable that you prayerfully and meditatively read the text first_  *MAN WITHOUT GOD* *TEXT:* 1 SAMUEL 7:1-11._*KEY VERSE* "And as Samuel was offering up the burnt offering, the Philistines drew near to battle against Israel: but the LORD thundered with a great thunder on that day upon the Philistines, and discomfited them..." (1 SAMUEL 7:10)._  The passage reveals the helplessness and hopelessness of man alienated from his Creator. He is defenseless and open to ruthless attacks by the enemy who is aware of his condition. He is like a scantily clothed person in the open during a wild stormy night, with no shelter in sight. He becomes easy prey for the battering elements of rain and wind. That was the state in which Israel found itself following twenty years of alienation from God. The ark of the Lord that signified the presence and protection of heaven over Israel that ought to be in the tabernacle was left in the house of a man. That implied the absence of God in worship. By the time Samuel showed up on the scene to pray for the nation, he met a people given to idolatry. This made them vulnerable to the Philistines, their perennial and enemies. Samuel knew where the problem was and promptly asked them to abandon their idols and return to the Lord. They heeded his counsel in genuine penitence. Then they approached him for his intercession in the face of the enemy's threat. The Lord heard Samuel and sent a great thunder that disorganised their enemy. Eventually, these enemies were subdued and driven away. Today, the state of the apostate world is akin to Israel in our passage before they repented. The scientific and technological inventions man now idolises as the panacea for our lingering global challenges are weak 'gods'. They cannot deliver him. Man must return to God and His laws through faith in His Son Jesus Christ to secure lasting victory over his defiant dilemmas. *THOUGHT FOR THE DAY* Flight from God is a painful descent into the waiting arms of the devil.  *BIBLE IN ONE YEAR* 1 CORINTHIANS 1-4. *MEDITATION* ICHABOD! *1. Ichabod in Israel*Have you heard of that word "Ichabod" before? It is an Hebrew word in I Samuel 4:21. It was the name given to the grandson of Eli, the High priest. It meant "inglorious", "the glory has departed". Unthinkable happened to Israel: Israel was defeated by the Philistines, 2 sons of the prophet and the priest of the land died and alas, the ark, which signified the presence of God, was taken away to Dagon's house, the abomination of the Philistines, I Samuel 4: 17, 18. To crown it all, the High Priest could not handle the tragedy; he also slumped and died. What a national loss and tragedyIs the state of the Church universal not "Ichabod" today?a. There is mass slaughter of the people of God in many lands, I Samuel 4:17,18.b. The church of God has lost its authority and is now being ruled by the gentile-philistines without any fear of God, I Samuel 7:7.c. The gentile-philistines have become a terror and threats to God's people and there is no power to withstand them, I Samuel 7:7.d. When the ark or the presence of God is no more felt in his church like before, I Samuel 4:17,18.e. When the sons and relations of the priests of the land die mysteriously contrary to the promises of God, I Samuel 4:17,18.f. When the priests of the land, like Eli, die untimely or unnatural death as if God is dead, I Samuel 4:18.g. When the true prophets of God are loosing their prophetic voice calling people to righteousness, I Samuel 7:2. Samuel was muted for 20 years and left Israel to their evils.h. When the pew and the pulpit have sold themselves to all kind of evils, idol worship, syncreticm, I Samuel 7: 3,4.*Ichabod, ichabod, ichabod* is the handwriting on the face of the Church of God. *2. Instructions to saints*How did Israel got the glory back? Mysterious evils befallen the Church should not be glossed over and blamed on the Philistians of today. The church must look inward and take decisive actions because they are signs of worse things cominga. Let us bring back the ark or the presence of God into His temple and our families at whatever cost, 7:1.b. The priests or the ministers of the gospel must sanctify, re-educate and consecrate themselves to the Lord afresh, 7:1.c. True conviction of sins and desire for God and not just His physical blessings must be brought back to the churches, 7:2d. All the strange gods of mammon, money worship, covetousness, idolatrous worship, syncretism, secret sins, seeking material favour from wicked people in governments, dirty politics in the house of God, position seeking, reduced or no emphasis on preaching of righteousness, repentance and heaven, etc must be decisively purged from saints and the churches, 7:3.e. Saints and ministers must fully consecrate their lives to God as burnt offerings, 7:9.g. Oh yes, we must passionately pray for mercy and divine intervention, 7:8. *3. The irrestible succour*Can you imagine the results? The enemies came as usual to bounce on God's people but alas they met their waterloo *Prayer points* Oh Lord, have mercy on me for my personal sins and unfaithfulnessOh Lord, have mercy on all your workers and ministers who have strayed from the path of true righteousness O merciful God bring back the glory and your presence to my family and your church God, fight for your church against all Philistines in the land and bring them to their waterloo *HYMN* Have you any room for Jesus?

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