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​​​​​​  _It is advisable that you prayerfully and meditatively read the text first_  *SPEAKING GOD'S WORD* *TEXT:* JEREMIAH 23:23-32_*KEY VERSE* " *Jeremiah 23:28 The prophet that hath a dream, let him tell a dream; and he that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully. What is the chaff to the wheat? saith the LORD.* True prophets are called and ordained to bring men to God. False prophets, on the other hand, use lies and deceits to turn men away from God into their damnations. Our text compares and contrasts true prophets and false prophets. False prophets have one stock-in-trade which is purporting to hear from God through dreams when God had said nothing. They mistake their vain imaginations in dreams to be revelations from God and through that, lead men away from God into damnation. The word of God is not a deceitful message. God's words are the instructions by which men are taught the knowledge of the Almighty and about themselves. Through God's word, men are redeemed from their evil ways and are guided on how to walk and please the Lord in their heavenward journey. God's words free us, protect us, make us wise and bring joy and light. They are guidelines and lights on our paths rather than chains on our hands and feet. They point at evil and warn us. They point us to success and guide or direct us. To speak God's word is a great and sacred duty which mortal men should do carefully. The way we speak it and live it will encourage men either to receive or reject it. Those who speak God's word must ensure that they speak accurately, truthfully and faithfully so as to ensure they are not leading men away from God into damnation. Do we speak to make men feel at ease even though they rebel and disobey God? Do we speak to make men happy even when His judgment is hovering over them? Is our message hardening the hearers in sin or causing them to be pricked in their hearts so as to repent in dust and ashes? Speak the Word today and liberate the souls of men. *THOUGHT FOR THE DAY* The word is infinitely superior to earthly possessions.  *BIBLE IN ONE YEAR* JUDGES 8-10. *MEDITATION* God's word verses human wisdom *1. The Author of God's word*a. He has the *foreknowledge* to see the end of a thing from the beginning, v23. He knows the end results of those who keep to His word and those who despise itb. He is *omniscience*. He knows everything including what the wisest on earth don't know, v24.c. He is *omnipresent*; none hide from Him, vv24,25.d. He is *omnipotent* possessing all powers in heaven and on earth, v24.*Conclusion* Just as this God cannot be compared with any human, so is the word of God incomparable to dreams and human wisdom, v28. *Q* How do you know the pulpit and the pew that concentrates on chaff rather than the word of God? *2. The power of God's compared to human words*a. The word of God is like wheat to the chaff when compared with dreams and human preaching, psychology etc, v28.b. The chaff resembles the wheat on the surface but is quite different just like dreams, human preaching and wisdom resemble the word of God when it is preached but totally different, v29. *Q* What are the profits embedded in a wheat that the chaff don't? Apply that to the word of God.c. The word of God is like a *fire* that burns the vanities and coldness in the heart and brings the person to definite decisons towards God, v29, Luke 24:32,33. *Q* Does the word you preach or hear have this effect? If not, it may just be the chaff of the word you concentrate on, vv28,29.d. The word of God is like a *hammer* that breaks the hardness in the heart and bend the hearer to total repentance and submission to God, v29.*Q* Does the word you preach or hear have this convicting power bending the knees of the hardened to repentance? If not, it may not be the real word preached with deep conviction and power. *3. Guilty of spiritual deprivation?*a. When dreams, revelation, human oratory and eloquence is preferred or emphasised over the direct word of God, it is spiritual deprivation, vv25, 26. b. When the word of God is modified, mutilated or diluted in order not to be too hard on the listeners, you are guilty of spiritual deprivation, vv30-32.c. When you make light of the word or you add some lies and exaggerations to make it not so serious you are guilty, vv26,27.d. When, for whatever reason, you refrain from "thus say the Lord" to your neighbour or audience, God is against you, vv30,32. *Q* In what other ways do people deprive themselves or others of the sound word of God? *Prayer points* Lord, give me love for the sound word of God above all elseLord, help me that my faith will not be built on what the modern prophets and preachers are saying but on your solid word of GodLord, bring your sound word of God back to our pulpits like in the early church Lord, let the fire and the hammer of your word be working powerfully to transform lives in my church *HYMN* Thy word is a lamb to my feet. (GHS 83)

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