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  _It is advisable that you prayerfully and meditatively read the text first_  *SPEAK THE WORD BOLDLY* *TEXT:* JEREMIAH 19:1-15_*KEY VERSE* "Then came Jeremiah from Tophet, whither the LORD had sent him to prophesy; and he stood in the court of the LORD'S house; and said to all the people, Thus saith the LORD of hosts..." (JEREMIAH 19:14,15)._  When Jeremiah was initially called by God into the prophetic ministry, he was timid. He felt too fearful to come out to declare the word of God to the people of Israel. God, however, did not accept his excuse. He rather encouraged him. Thereafter, he became very bold and one of the most courageous prophets Israel ever had. He grew in grace and became a mighty defender of the faith. The text under consideration is a dramatic and illustrative prophecy in which God instructed Prophet Jeremiah to take some elders of the land and some of the aged priests to Tophet and present a divine message of the imminent destruction that would come upon the cities of Judah and Jerusalem for their stubborn refusal to follow the word and way of the Lord. He was to take a potter's earthen flask and break before them and then declare that as the broken earthen bottle can never be pieced together again, so will the inhabitants of Judah and Jerusalem be scattered and would never again be restored to what they were before the prophecy. The courage, obedience and integrity of Jeremiah are highly commendable. He never minded the inmmediate punishment his boldness would draw upon him. What he declared before a few representatives of the land in the valley of Hinnom, he came back to the house of the Lord to declare in the presence of all and sundry. Believers should fear no one but God in the declaration of the truth of the gospel. We should be bold enough to reprove sin and unrighteousness in the life of sinners and backsliders of all grades and status. They should be made to know that judgment is looming and that every act of unrighteousness will be given a just judgment except they repent. *THOUGHT FOR THE DAY* Fearlessly declare the truth of God's message.  *BIBLE IN ONE YEAR* ACTS 18-19. *MEDITATION*  The fathomless depravity of human nature *1. Unimaginable depravity of the unregenerate*God was very shocked about the fathomless depravity of the human nature that He confessed that there behaviour "...neither came it into My mind" v5. This agrees with Jeremiah 17:9 that says "the heart is desperately wicked, who can know (or discern the extent of the wickedness) it? Never trust the lion when he manifests the trait of a lamb, a lion will always be a lion.The depth to which the backslidden Israel went could no one imagine.a. They forsook their God, v4. Despite what God did for them in the past as a nation, the presence of prophets of God, the availability of the scriptures etc, nobody expected Israel to go so far.b. Foolish worship of demons, which they never knew, as a replacement of God, v4.c. Human sacrifices!, v4. Israel of all nations?d. Sacrificing children to demons, v5. Haba!e. Worshipping of nature to the neglect of the Creator, v13b. f. Hardness of heart, v15.No one can predict or fathom the wickedness embedded in the human nature no matter the relationship, how refined, educated or religious. The only way out is regeneration of the heart by the power of Jesus. No wonder Jesus told the deeply religious Nicodemus that "except a man be born again (regenerated nature) he cannot see (or enter) the kingdom of God ". John 3:3,5.*2. Unchallengeable damnation of the unrepentant* Severe punishments await the unregenerate in heart as could be seen from the case of Israel.a. Unimaginable evil poured out on them, v3.b. Their land turned to "a valley of slaughter" of human beings; wanton wastage of human lives, vv6,7.c. Desolation of the whole land through pandemic, v8.d. Israelites were turned to cannibals of themselves, v9.e. Israel cursed *never* to be whole or complete again as a nation like before, v11.*Q* Can you observe how severe and far reaching the punishments were? Just because their hearts were not regenerated. *Prayer points*Lord, I hereby present my nature to you for a divine cleansing touch by JesusLet your power keep me from deteriorating to the old way of life where the depraved nature ruled my lifeLord, I ask for the spirit of power and courage to always declare your antihuman nature truthsLord, raise up more Jeremiahs in our nation *HYMN* There is power in the blood.(GHS 39)

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