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​​​​​​  _It is advisable that you prayerfully and meditatively read the text first_  *THERE IS HOPE* *TEXT:* JOB 6:1-13_*KEY VERSE* "Can that which is unsavoury be eaten without salt? or is there any taste in the white of an egg?" (JOB 6:6)._  Job referred to his calamity in general as being heavier than he could express. He wished they would weigh his calamity on a just balance to comprehend it. Job had wished God would grant him what he requested. He desired God to take away his life because he thought it was a way to peace and comfort, considering the gravity of his pains and sorrow. God, in His wisdom, sometimes allows a trial or challenging situation to come our way to further prove His might or power to the world. At such times, we should learn to be calm and rest on Him, especially as children of God who keep His Commandments. We should always remember that nothing is permanent on earth. Therefore, whatever you may be going through right now, never pray for death in any form or think of committing suicide because such is satanic. Faith and hope should stir you to pray and trust God for a divine intervention. If you call upon Him in faith, He will surely answer you. You will surely survive and come out of the present challenging situation better and healthier. Be hopeful and maintain an unwavering faith in God. Faithful is He that has promised to deliver, keep, provide, heal and nourish you. In all your trials, ensure you are a child of God. If you are not sure of your salvation, confess your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour today. Then report the situation to Him from the vantage position of a precious child and He will surely arise and help you. *THOUGHT FOR THE DAY* The battle is not over until you overcome.  *BIBLE IN ONE YEAR* ACTS 9-10. *MEDITATION* Tired of life? *1. Highlights of horror*a. Job used grief and calamity to describe his challenges, v2.b. He was totally weighed down to the point that his words were incoherent and harsh against God and man, v3.c. His problems were like poisoned arrows thrown at him in successions causing immense internal and external, psychological and physical pains, injury, wounds, damages and deaths, v4.d. Protracted loss of appetite for food and "fellowship" that were once delightful, vv6,7.*Q* Can you fit your challenges into Job's and discover that Job's own outmatch yours?  _Problems are heralds of miracles for a child of God; the greater the problem, the greater the miracles_ *2. Hopelessness and helplessness*a. Job has lost all inner strength to live, vv9,12,13.b. While never contemplating suicide because of its consequences in eternal hell, he desired and prayed that God should take away his life, v9.c. He felt the only escape out of his pain and shame was death, v10.*Q* Are you thinking death is the only option like Job? Or could you identify people in that situation? *3. Hope against hope*a. Life is the greatest gift any can have on earth. If there is life all dreams are still possible. Only death can permanently terminate hope of achievements and fulfilments in life.b. Eternal *life* in you through Christ and faith in God opens the door of supernatural possibilities in your life. Have Jesus?*Q* Can you recall the person in the Bible who hoped against hope and became the father of many nations?c. Job was confident of his righteousness; he affirmed that he never compromised the word of God, v10b. So to end up like Job, go to Jesus to obtain the gift of righteousness, Romans 6:23, Titus 3:3-6.d. Patience, endurance, prayers, faith in God made Job to triumph and became great againJames 5:11, Job 42:12-17.If you have lost "greatness" and you are alive, you can get it againThe gates of hell, with all their wickedness, can never conquer a child in the kingdom who resolutely put their faith in God *Prayer points* Lord, I ask for unbreakable power, courage and faith to be a conqueror in lifeHoly Spirit, locate those who are fed up with life in the Church and send them strength, succour and salvationLord, use me to bring hope to the hopeless and help to be helplessPray for deliverance to those who have suicidal tendencies in the Church *HYMN* Never give up. (GHS 5)

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