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 *PREACHING WITH POWER* *TEXT:* ROMANS 15:23-30._*KEY VERSE* "And I am sure that, when I come unto you, I shall come in the fulness of the blessing of the gospel of Christ" (ROMANS 15:29)._  John Graham Lake was a man reputed to have walked in the power of God. It was said that he visited Africa when there was an outbreak of bubonic plague, which killed a lot of people. The medical people were surprised that he neither wore a protective garment nor took a vaccine. He reportedly told them that he had an "immunity" which assured his safety from the plague. And to demonstrate that, he asked them to put some of the foam from the mouth of the dead in his palm saying that those viruses therein would die as soon as they touched him. And truly, as soon as the viruses reached his palm, they died! His secret was Romans 8:2. Paul the apostle had not visited Rome. He had been busy preaching in other places. But presently, he had a duty to take the charity offering of the Gentile churches to the poor saints at Jerusalem. He hoped, after that, to come to Rome "in the fullness of the blessing of the gospel of Christ". He then requested for their prayers so that he would be delivered from ungodly men in Judaea and that the gifts would be well received by the brethren at Jerusalem. The manifestation of the power of God through the gospel authenticates the claims of Calvary. Christ sent His disciples out saying, "As ye go, preach... heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils..." (Matthew 10:7,8). Jesus Christ remains unchanging; His mandate to the church remains unchanging. The disciples obeyed, "and went through the towns, preaching and healing everywhere". Today's believers must stir up themselves in the preaching of the gospel and in the demonstration of the ensuing power. The Holy Spirit has been given to the Church to also work wonders (John 14:12). *THOUGHT FOR THE DAY* Signs and wonders are the hallmarks of the true gospel.  *BIBLE IN ONE YEAR* LUKE 22. *MEDITATION* Are you a blessing to other saints? *1. Carnal blessings*a. Carnal blessings referred by the Apostle had to do with physical or material gifts to the needy at Jerusalem, v27.b. It is a biblical principle that you should give back to those who are instrumental to your spiritual blessings in form of physical gifts, v27. It is a duty! Give no excuse for disobedience because there are rewards attached to obedience, Mathew 10:41,42.*Q* Do you follow this spiritual principle?c. Paul, inspite of his busy global ministerial assignments, decided to give time to carry physical gifts to the needy brethren, vv25,26. d. Why did the Apostle took this as a priority? Why didn't he delegate it and concentrate only on preaching? This is a clear demonstration of the priority the Apostles gave to practical caring of the needy.*Q* Are you following this good example or you are merely spiritualizing what should be practical?*2. The Calvary blessings*a. The blessings of the gospel of Christ Paul was referring to has to do with spiritual blessings through Calvary, v29.b. The preaching of the gospel is not complete until people experience the supernatural blessing Christ purchased for us. These include christian experiences, deliverances, victory over sin, Satan and sicknesses etc.*Q* As a soul winner or preacher, are your messages just dry messages without the backing of the transforming and miraculous power of the Holy Spirit?*3. The cry of the Biblical ministers*a. A gift, no matter how good, is not useful until it is acceptable to those it is meant for. How will it be acceptable? By prayer, v16. Do I have to pray for a gift to be acceptable? v16.b. Do great ministers need the prayers of "ordinary members" for their preachings to be acceptable and impactful? v30.c. Should ministers give personal prayer points to their members? vv30,31.*Q* In which way is your life a blessing to the saints and your ministers? *Prayer points*Lord, forgive me for my negligence in not assisting the needy saintsLord, give me a heart of love and compassion that sacrificially gives to the needy saintsLord, give me power and gifts that will make my life a blessing to others, saints, ministers and sinners, in my little corner.Lord, bring back the apostolic days of practical love and giving to the Church *HYMN* Is your life a channel of blessing?

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