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_It is advisable that you prayerfully and meditatively read the text first_

TEXT: ISAIAH 28:18-29.
_*KEY VERSE* "From the time that he goes forth it shall take you: oft morning by morning shall it pass over, by day and by night: and it shall be a vexation only to understand the report" (ISAIAH 28:19)._

Whatever God allows in our lives eventually works to our benefit. This is sometimes difficult to comprehend, especially when we are experiencing tough situations or confronting deadly storms of life. At such times, our heads are swirling with questions on why we were singled out to suffer such fate and why the Lord seemed to have neglected us.

But God will never allow us to go through experiences that could weaken our faith or destroy our lives. He is very deliberate and careful in threshing His field, the Church. Here He admonished Israel that even though judgment was upon them, if they paid attention carefully to Him and changed their ways, He would re-enact His love and care for them.

God illustrated His love for Israel with the process adopted by the farmer to dig the soil, sow seeds of different kinds in their proper places; and during harvest, expertly thresh some seeds, beat others with stick and rod, all the time ensuring that they were not crushed. This is the result of good knowledge. But God is far better than the tender farmer. He is wonderful in counsel and excellent in working. The depths of His rich wisdom and knowledge are simply unsearchable "and His ways are past finding out."

We may be facing afflictions and sore trials, but God will not allow them to destroy us. Our individual circumstances and weaknesses are well known to Him. He is eternally sensitive towards us and His tenderness for us is boundless as we abide by His word.

*THOUGHT FOR THE DAY* God cares deeply for those who walk in His will.



Danger of confidence in refuge of lies

*1. The false covenant with death and hell*
a. To every human misbehaviour is attached a refuge of lies to keep the man in self deceit and sin.
b. In the case of Israel, they believed that they had made covenant with death and hell so that whatever evil or calamity that comes will not be able to kill them, vv17,18.
c. They were convinced that they had perfected the craft and art of warfare that the overflowing scourge of the Assyrians will not be able to crush them, v18.
d. As a result of this delusion, their hearts were hardened against the warnings of the prophets, v22.
*Q* Do you hold on to the deceit that you have fortify yourself against death, destruction and judgments of God?
*Note* Whatever makes you not to take the word of God or issues of eternity serious in any area of your life is a refuge of lies.
*2. The futility of confidence in refuge of lies*
a. God, who has the final say, cannot be outsmarted by the wisdom or craftiness of man. His word of wisdom also stand, v18.
b. Despite their covenant, the covenant was annulled and the inevitable judgement, death and calamity still happened. What a self deception. There must be repentance, alignment with the word of God and hiding under the Rock of ages to be truly safe and saved vv19,21.
c. Peace, satisfaction and rest will always evade those who give in to refuge of lies, v20.
d. The solution is to stop making an arrogant mockery of the word of God and salvation; for mockery will increase the bondage of the mockers, v22.
*Note* In order to help the obstinate or those who are careless with spiritual things, it is important to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal their refuge of lies and deal with that false refuge.
*Prayer Points*
Lord, *open my eyes* to every refuge of lies that I am holding on to
God, *deliver me* from every unknown refuge of lies putting my life in bondage
Pray for anyone you know, who is not serious with God, that God will open their eyes and deliver from their peculiar refuge of lies
God, let the light of your word *expose and dismantle* all refuge or lies under which every member of the church is hiding

*HYMN* No other plea

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