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_It is advisable that you prayerfully and meditatively read the text first_

*TEXT:* JEREMIAH 30:15-24.
_*KEY VERSE* "Why cries thou for thine affliction? thy sorrow is incurable for the multitude of thine iniquity: because thy sins were increased, I have done these things unto thee" (JEREMIAH 30:15)._

People naturally seek to avoid taking responsibility for their conduct. They would blame everyone, but fail to admit that they are paying the price for their error of omission or commission. As a result, they miss the vital lesson that God intends to condition their lives for the better.

The people of Judah behaved in a typical manner. They had come under God's judgment for their sins. After ignoring His warning, they came under severe affliction, cruel wounds and bitter chastisement. Help was not forthcoming as they were quickly abandoned by their sinful allies. They began to cry out for respite, but not to God. He had to inform them that He was behind their problems and warned them that their sorrow was incurable, unless they turned again to the God of Israel.

Unknown to the people, God had provided a solution to their problems. Once they repented, He would fight and conquer their adversaries, heal their sicknesses and allow the rebuilding of their land. He would increase their population, give them a leader from among themselves; they would become His people again and He would be their God. But this must be preceded by genuine repentance.

Whenever a situation you cannot explain befalls you, search to be sure there is no hidden scandal trailing you. Where you discover something to repent of, do not hesitate to do so. Repentance will help you to develop the right attitude to the adversities of life, to see them as opportunities to grow your faith and relationship with God. Rather than complain or pass the buck, you should seek how to profit from adversity.

*THOUGHT FOR THE DAY* Wisdom is not repeating last mistakes, but learning from them.



You can recover all

_(kindly carefully answer the following questions to enrich your meditation)_

1. What caused the sorrows and the sufferings of Israel? v15.
2. There are different areas they suffered losses as seen in the text. Their losses are what God promised to restore. What are they?, vv16-22. The most critical loss was in v22.
*Q* Can you reflect if they have applications to your life?
3. What was the major thing that preceded restoration of lost glories and blessings?, v15.
4. That right attitude provoked God to fight their enemies who oppressed them in vv16,23,24.
*Note* When your way pleases the Lord, He will fight against your enemies for you or turn them to be your friends.
*Q* Can you see how right attitude towards divine chastisement turns God to be an enemy to your enemies?
5. Their restoration was comprehensive and complete. What are they?, vv17,18-23.
*Q* What can you learn about the character of God from this mercy?
*Q* Which area do you need restoration? All the enemy has taken or stolen He is willing and able to restore provided you manifest the right attitudes.

*Prayer points*
Praise God for His loving wisdom in chastisement and showing mercy to the repentant wholeheartedly
Earnestly ask for the restoration of any of the losses you have incurred either by commission or commission
Ask God to visit your church and restore those good graces that have been lost (You may mention them)
Pray for the Spirit of repentance to rest on the citizens of this nation

*HYMN* The mercy seat

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