why most upcoming never make it

3 years 9 months ago #4207 by Mr.Sam
why most upcoming never make it was created by Mr.Sam
It has brought me great concern due to the way i see many talented individuals waste,I have met so many upcoming talented individuals round the world, I have also talked with alot of them,became convinced that in some cases it is them their selves that choose not to grow,I know many will be wondering why I said so but its the truth...here is what I noticed.As much as we have alot of upcomings that is as much as they are alot of platforms which are just forming,Here is were The upcoming talented individuals fail to understand.... their is and adage that say the two hands are made to rub each others back...(right?)..what am saying here is instead of the upcoming artist I.e(musicians,Comedians,Producers,Instrumentalists,etc)to hook up with the upcoming platforms so they can be featured,they rather prefer to go for the top stars,Why I mean here is they prefer already made where they may not be valued......that is the basic ideology.....what I will advise is if you are an upcoming artist,try building up from the scratch with a platform were you will be acknowledged it will help you build,build you as well as you will help the platform too...hmmm one of those platform that can help you grow is GospelNaija.log on
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